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Minnie Party

 January 28, 2012
Mary Kate's second birthday was celebrated Minnie Mouse style.  I am so glad that we decided to have her party the week following her birthday.  Our entire family came down with a vicious case of pink eye during that week.  I have never respected pink eye like I do now.  Birthday girl Mary Kate is to blame because she brought it home to share. She had a mild case and Mother of the Year here didn't even take her to the pediatrician. She cleared up in a few days and then everyone else came down with it together.  Jay and I missed a complete week of work and the kids didn't go to school.  I had the worst case with both eyes inflamed and practically swollen shut.  Max was lucky and only got it in one eye.  Jay's eyes were affected one at a time.  We all made visits to the doctor for help with the symptoms. What a week!  By Saturday we were all ready to get out of the house and celebrate her birthday.
This year we rented a room at a local civic center.  We decorated it pink and black with polka dots and zebra strips.  I had a blast making the decorations and planning it all out.  Jay found a guy to come and entertain the kids with balloon art.  He was the hit of the party.  All the adults and kids stood in a circle and watched him the entire time.  I have never seen such great balloons.  Most of them had lights, attachments, and moving parts.  Each one was designed specifically to the kid's request.  The pictures below show some of the artwork.  Mary Kate was her usual self during the party.  She isn't into crowds of people so she sat with Bebe and a plate of fruit most of the party.  Finally toward the end of the party she checked out the balloon guy.  He made her a special "dog dog" as she calls it.  She has carried it around the house now for a month.  It is slowly getting smaller, but she doesn't care.  She also got a "Mimmie" balloon to bring home.  They were both as tall as her.  She may not be a social butterfly yet, but she enjoyed herself as she watched the other kids with balloons and ate blueberries.

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