Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

A Grayton Monday

March 31, 2014
This week Ryan and Jessica are getting married in Grayton Beach, FL.  Mary Kate and I took a girl's trip and headed down on Sunday.  Jay and Max will be joining us later in the week.  After our drive we met up with my parents at the house.  Then a short while laater Jon, Josie, and Jace arrived.  We enjoyed the afternoon on the deck while we unpacked.  Barb and Mike arrived late in the night after spending the weekend with Amanda. 

Late last week, Amanda started having some contractions with Baby Liam.  She is only 22 weeks so they admitted her to the hospital.  She started to dilate and her cervix began the thinning process.  She spent the weekend in the hospital receiving meds to stop the contractions and hopefully prevent labor.  Barb and Mike stayed with her until the doctors had a plan.  Sunday morning they felt confident in sending her home on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy.  Sadly, they instructed her not to travel for the wedding.  We are all very sad and disappointed that she won't be joining us this week, but we want Liam to bake several more weeks.  So, we plan on keeping Amanda up to date with lots of pictures and video chats as we prepare this week. 

Mary Kate and I got up on Monday morning ready to hit the beach.  It was very different to be there with Jay and Max.  Even though we weren't use to it, we had the best time being just the girls.  I enjoyed doing handstands and cartwheels with her.  We also looked for shells and walked the beach.  She has bubbled into such a little personality and always has alot to talk about and show you.  We also got to be there for Jace's first time on the beach.  He looked like a pirate in his floppy hat.  

Picnic at the Park

March 18, 2014

Max is off for Spring Break this week and next week so we have enjoyed some days together.  I miss having him at home on my day off.  This week I took and extra day off and we went to the park.  The kids wanted to feed the ducks and play on the playground.  The ducks were just as hungry as ever and loved seeing us with all the bread.  MaryKate gets scared at the aggressive geese so I have to stay close to her and shoo them away.  Its kind of funny when I forget and start to walk away.  She quickly runs and gets close to my side.  After the duck frenzy we ate a picnic lunch on the playground.  The air was pretty chilly so we got cold while we ate.  After lunch the kids played for a short bit.  By then we were all cold and ready to get back in the warm car.  It must have been a great day because they both feel asleep on the fifteen minute ride home.

Spring Swim

March 17, 2014

The spring session of swim has begun and Max is now joining his sister in the pool.  MaryKate is continuing on in the beginner class and Max is perfecting his strokes in the Lap Swim class.  He loves being back in the water.  Sometimes I really believe that this is his sport.  He thrives on the independence it gives him and ability to personally excel.  MaryKate is all smiles each weeks as she paddles around and loves on Ms. Beverly.  

Hadleigh is Here

March 12, 2014

Hadleigh Jean Woodward was born today!!  Gindy and Scott are now proud parents of TWO little girls.  Kerrigan was adorable at the hospital as she excitedly told every to come and look at her new baby sister.  She loves holding her and loving on her.  Gindy was thrilled to deliver Hadleigh without a c-section like she did with Kerrigan.  I can't wait to see the many blessings Hadleigh will bring into our circle of friends.  She is one precious little babe!

Shrinking Chain

March 5, 2014

Our Disney count down is getting smaller!!
I can't wait!!

Go Flames