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Three Months Old

April 22, 2010

Our Week

April 17, 2010
Sorry for the blog lag . . . the dreaded day has come and gone . . . I am back at work. My first day back was April 14th and it was great. Is that bad to admit? Yeah, its sad to be gone from my babes for 13 hrs at a time, but it feels great to be back in the swing of things. I loved being home, but I have no intentions of staying home full time, so it was time to get back to what ever life was gonna be with 2 kids. Now I am back working my 3-12 hr shifts and staying home with them the other days. My job rocks because being in outpt surgery I don't have to worry about working weekends or missing holidays. I will always be there. It was fabulous to be back with all my gals at work and catch up on the unit news. I feel human again now that I am back to a schedule and moving on.
So . . We enjoyed our last few days playing outside in the warm weather. Below is a picture of Max, Kirkland, and Jack riding around the cul de sac in the Jeep. On Saturday Max enjoyed another soccer game. Bebe gives him $1 for each goal he scores. Although none of us saw "the goal" this week. Max informed us all that he scored one and promptly Bebe handed over the dollar. Hummmm. Gotta watch out with him! Jay has had several travel days the past two weeks, and I have gotten ALOT of time alone with the kids. (Ha kidS, plural, Ha, I'm not used to that!) We spent one evening with them in the bath for one of the first times together. I took off the baby net to mKate's tub and allowed her to "sit" up. She loved it and so did Max. You can tell in the picture that she just laughed and cooed the entire time. It was the first time I have heard her cackle and giggle like that. Max now begs every night at bath time for Sweetheart to take one with him. They are totally in love with each other! and I am TOTALLY in love with them.

The Zoo

April 10, 2010

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Tristan, Max, & Trace

Kayla, Pawpaw, Grandma, Mary Kate, and Ashton

Our Family of FOUR

Kelley Kids

"don't wanna leave"

The end of a long fun day!

We came back to the Kelley's to continue celebrating with pizza and ice cream sundaes. Tristan then opened gifts that included lots of "How to Train Your Dragon" stuff, DS games, and clothes. Kayla got a huge surprise with her gifts when she received a pet parakeet. It is blue and she affectionately named it Princess after herself. It was a fabulous day with gorgeous weather.

Holly's Luncheon

April 10, 2010

Saturday Josie and I helped to give Holly (Josh's Bride) a luncheon at a local tea room. We had a really good time and a delicous lunch. Holly was showered with some really nice kitchen stuff. The wedding is only 3 weeeks away! I can't wait. Pictured above is Holly holding the gift, her mother (Jerill) pointing at the camera, and Rachael (her sister) standing inthe background.


April 4, 2010
Last weekend we celebrated Easter many times with all our family and friends. We began the weekend at Bebe and Big Daddy's house. We hunted our usual cash eggs and then enjoyed some Terry's steaks and fixins. Unk P was the only one to make it in this year. Max loved chasing him through the yard to beat him picking up eggs. Max made enough money to go and buy all the "Train your Dragon" dragons. He was pumped!Saturday morning, I hosted a Baby Brunch to honor one of our best friends, Gindy. Little Miss Kerrigan is due to arrive in May. We feasted on some sausage spins, quiche, and salads. It was nice to sit and visit with some of our close friends. Kerrigan got lots of books as everyone brought their favorite book and then wrote a note to her on the inside. Hopefully she will treasure these through the years. No pictures was the request, so I am keeping my promise!
Saturday night we ran wild with the Culdesac Flashlight Hunt. Max found the most eggs with 66 in total. It was then decided that he has out grown his "small kid head start" since he got 2-3x as many eggs as some of the teens did. Whoops! He had a great time getting them and will have to run fast next year.
Sunday after a tremendous church service and playing with all the Easter Bunny Goodies we headed to the Kelleys. The kids all loved the annual hunt for candy eggs, and got enough candy to last until next Easter. We then had a great dinner of ham, potatoes, corn, beans, and salad. It was a busy weekend, but we are so blessed to be surrounded with so many family and friends.

The End of March

March 31, 2010

Well, can you believe it March '10 is already gone? I can't time is flyin by! Here is what we have been up to the last few days. Jay's dad, more commonly know now a days as Pawpaw celebrated his birthday. He chose to feast on crawfish and oreo ice cream cake this year. It was good eatin'! Then all the kidos gathered around to help him open up presents.Mary Kate celebrated her 2mo birthday with a fabulous trip to the doctor for her check up. She now weighs 10 lbs 8 oz and is 22 inches tall. She got good marks on all the 'normals' for her age. As you can tell from the photo, she is really beginning to communicate with her smiles, eyes (like her daddy), and sounds. Since this past week has been pretty, she has gotten to spend some time outside enjoying the warmth. This is probably where her cold came from, but now we are almost over that as our coughing is becoming less and less.Max had his second soccer game and played much better. He only panicked at the start of the game for a few minutes. Jay and Trace gave him a pep talk and off he went. He never looked back as he scored 4 goals. He was happy and proud of himself this week.Tuesday we ended our swimming semester for the spring. He is excelling with many different strokes now and is working on his diving. We are now taking a break from swimming until soccer season is over. We plan to re-enroll with swimming later this year. Max looks forward to going back to swim with all his class buddies.

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