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September 29, 2009

Max got his deep end certificate to bring home this week. He is so excited!

Mary Kate's Room is Finished

September 28, 2009

From my earlier post, you already know that we have finished the painting in Mary Kate's room . . . but Jay still surprises me! When I came home from work on Monday Jay had put her room together. He put the crib up, made it with her bedding, and moved the furniture to their new locations in the room. I had no idea he was working on it! I won't lie . . . I hoped he was doing the room, but he didn't give it away. As I walked by to go change out of my scrubs I noticed things were moved. I flipped on the light . . . and tadah! He is so good to me! So here is a pic of me obviously my 22 week tummy with the crib and our stripes. I can't wait until she is sleeping in it!

GHS Homecoming 2009

September 25, 2009

Friday was our High School Homecoming. We had our reunion earlier this summer so Friday was open to attend all the festivities. Gindy and I went to the pep rally at school. We took Max and Jill's Darby Grace to see the cheerleaders. I am not real sure they were impressed. It was a good pep rally, but Max was curled up in my lap by the end asking for nap time. It was fun to go back and see it as a spectator. It is definitely more fun on the floor as cheerleaders! After the pep rally we went to the parade. Max took his beach bucket and got lots of candy. Prior to the game we were invited to a reception honoring us as Class of 1999 cheerleader, homecoming court, and football player. We enjoyed cookies and punch while visiting with old classmates. Since we had our reunion this summer; we planned a tailgate for the game . . . well . . . as you can see . . we didn't have a good representation. It was mostly just those of us who were on the reunion committee chasing our kids in the parking lot. Oh well, at least we participated! Until 20yrs . . .

Her Room is Striped!

September 27, 2009
Well, it has been a week long process, but the stripes are DONE! I cannot say it was an enjoyable experience, but I love the finished product. I hope she does! Maybe this week we can get the furniture arranged and make it look for real.

Toliet Tunes

September 21, 2009

We think we will take Max to the next American Idol auditions . . . with his own song that he wrote . . . as he performs here on the toliet. What do you think?

Starting Her Room

September 21, 2009

Jay, Max, and I started working on Mary Kate's room this weekend. We packed up stuff, moved furniture, cleaned, and began the process of painting. We had tons of fun painting as a family. We have lots of striping left to be done, but that will go slow as each color has to be done separately. We have 19 weeks so I think we have plenty of time. I will update with pictures as the colors spread!

Flooding in Middle TN

September 17, 2009

As you know my brothers are local firemen, well, yesterday JP (Josh) got to put some skills into action. We have had lots of rain here this week and there has been some flash flooding near his town. Josh and another firefighter jumped into action when some homes were being threatened by a nearby rising creek. Josh took my grandfather Bull's boat out of his garage and headed to the area. They put the boat in the water and assisted to rescue a neighborhood from their homes. I found the following pictures on some local news station sites. The close up shot is also a 1/2 page photo on the front top fold of The Tennessean paper. Local HEROs . . I am a proud big sis!

It's Raining, It's Pouring . . .

September 16, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

September 15, 2009

Tuesday before swim practice we once again visited the park to feed the ducks. We enjoy going to feed them on a regular basis. Max got brave this week and decided to let them eat from his hand. Whoops! He won't do that again for a long time! As he held out the long piece of crust for one of the geese . . . it hissed and them took the bread and tried to take his whole finger. It snapped him all the way to the knuckle on his pointer finger. He screamed and shook he was so upset. Jay and I being the great sympathetic parents we are . . could not stop laughing. Max finally started laughing and was okay with the whole thing.

PS: We have to practice for another week on the deep end. Max didn't do enough correct strokes this week to get his certificate. Maybe next week . . .

Sunday - 20 Weeks

September 13, 2009

Here is the belly pic I promised last week. She is really starting to show herself by poking on out there. Yes, you see it correctly my belly button is already poked (actually has been poked for a while now!) I snapped this one while Jay and Max took an afternoon nap! I love my boys!!


September 12, 2009

Soccer season started this weekend with games on Saturday morning. Ashton and Tristan are on the same team this fall which makes the morning a little less hectic. We only have 3 hrs of games instead of 4 hrs!! and ours isn't even playing yet!! ahahahaSaturday afternoon was full of birthday parties. Kinley next door turned the big ONE, so we went and celebrated with Minnie Mouse and the culdesac crew. Then he headed off the Brayden's 2nd Birthday Party. Max and Kirkland had lots of fun on the inflatable slip and slide. It was a great day! Topped off with Dos Margarita's for dinner . . . .

Snipets of the week

September 10, 2009

Max had swimming on Tuesday and did a fantastic job. He is captured in the video preparing for his big deep end test next week. If he does his breathing, kicking, and strokes correctly he will get a certificate and a "I can swim in the deep end" t-shirt. Everyone needs one of those!

Tonight we had a lot of discussion about locations, cities, states, etc. It all started because he wanted to go see the Titans play tonight. He doesn't understand that they don't always play on the "big field" in Nashville. As you can imagine this has to be totally confusing to a 3-year old back seat driver. Jay commented that we needed to get a globe. Well, what do you know, I had one growing up (what a nerd), so we buzzed over to BeBe's and picked it up. It is great because it lights up. Max is looking forward to putting it in his room tonight. We used some post it note flags to mark some significant places. Can you tell where they are? He's got some special people way out there on the globe for such a little guy. Love you all, you significant place people!

PS: I am being held accountable for belly shots, so as I promised last night, I will get a 20 week pic up sometime this weekend . . . so lots more belly to come. Don't complain though when you get the added bonus of more butt, more cheeks, more nose, etc!!

Music changes . . . my hubby may never post, but he is constantly on the blog checking things out. He is responsible for all our music. I like the new changes. Listen through though to number two. Jay has been struck by reality this week . . . he is going to have a daughter . . . those of you who know Jay can only imagine how it is affecting his thinking. It is awesome and so touching to see his mind wrapping around the idea of being a great GIRL father. I love him so much . . . what a big catch I made at such a young age. Lucky me! He is wonderful with Max and I can't wait to see him with our little girl.

Labor Day Weekend

September 7, 2009

We had a great long weekend these past few days. Max and I spent Saturday morning in the kitchen baking. We made Heath bar Cake, BeBe's Chocolate Dessert, and Banana Bread (or pie as Max called it). By the end of our adventure he could run the mixer "all by myself." He did a great job and even enjoyed washing the dishes. Saturday afternoon we got to visit with Jay's uncles and their families at the Kelley's house. They came in to see everyone with the long weekend. It was wonderful to catch up with their families. It is unbelievable how big all their boys have grown.
Sunday after church we picnic-ed at the fountains with McDonald's. Then Max played his heart out in the water. Jay showed his how to put his newest McDonald toy on the water spout to be thrown up into the air by the water pressure. He thought that was really cool. After fun in the sun, Max fell asleep before we got on the bypass and then we all got a good nap at home. Later in the evening, BeBe and Big Daddy came over for a fabulous pork tenderloin dinner with scrumptious desserts. They both tried for a long time to feel Mary Kate move. Nothing we did would get her going. But you know it, before they got out of our neighborhood she was kicking to beat the band! Sorry BeBe and Big Daddy, maybe next time. Monday afternoon Grandma and PawPaw took us to purchase Mary Kate's bedding. They wanted to get that as a gift for her. It is really cute and just girlie enough. I can't wait to get Jay in gear this week to get the spare bed out and paint purchased. I will upload pictures once the project begins. We spent Monday evening at the Slusher's for Fantasy Football Draft. I am not sure what Jay is getting into, but I had a good time chatting with the gals. Max did a good job playing with all the little girls. Sarah Grace was on his heels most of the evening mimicking his every move. They were all really cute. We had a good restful weekend with lots of important family time.

Hello World!

August 30, 2009
Last week at 17 weeks, Mary Kate had lots of new tricks to show us. She waved her dainty little hand at us as if to say, "Hello out there!" or "Max, shhh, I am trying to sleep." We have a long way to go, but it seems so real all of a sudden. Posted by Picasa

Sucking her Thumb

Posted by PicasaShe has found her hand and likes to try to suck her thumb!


Mary Kate has Jay's monkey toes! Two different ultrasonographers have commented on the length of her toes!Posted by Picasa

Lil Fans

August 28, 2009 Friday night we went to the high school football game and had lots of fun. Avery, Sarah Grace, and Max climbed all over us and up and down our seats. They were thrilled to be there! All three of them cheered all night with "Go Greenwave!" and Max repeated "Go Cody!" a million times. He thinks it is so cool that his neighbor is the quarterback. We look forward to the next game, but we will have to see if we can make it past 3rd quarter. At that point everyone was over it and ready to go home except the Dads. Delana had a good idea of bringing a Mommy Kido car and a Daddy car. We might have to really consider that as the games get colder.

Go Flames