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Pawpaw turned 63 this weekend.  Happy Birthday Pawpaw!  Mary Kate was thrilled to share "doodies" with Pawpaw for his birthday.  She loves anything sweet.

Surprise Zoo Day

March 14, 2012
Today Jay called from work and told me to get the kids ready.  He was leaving for lunch and we were going to the zoo for the day.  What a surprise!  Of course Max was full of questions about where we were going and what we were doing.  We told him nothing and that is was a surprise.  He was thrilled when he realized we were in the parking lot of the zoo.  The weather was perfect with lots of sunshine.  The animals were all out in good visible places.  Mary Kate loved seeing all the animals that are in her books.  We spent a long time in the bird exhibit.  It was awesome to feed them and have them landing all over you.  They even landed on the kids for some nectar in their cups.  What an experience!  We went ahead and purchased a season pass.  Now the kids and I can go on days I am off work.  Yay!

Warm Day with Friends

March 2012
The weather here has been unbelievablely warm and beautiful for this time of year.  Today we took full advantage of it and had a major play day.  Our friends, Gindy and Kerrigan and Abby and Jack came over to enjoy.  The kids had a blast on the trampoline, swingset, bikes, powerwheels, and anything else in the yard.  It was a pleasure to see them all playing together.  The giggles, laughs, and smiles are etched in my brain.  I love these kid-os,
Max, Mary Kate, Jack, and Kerrigan

Love that smile . . . cchhheeeeeeeeesssseeeeee

Kerrigan and Mary Kate

Now this is Trouble!!

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Jessica's Birthday

March 10, 2012
I decided I wanted to celebrate my birthday with some local fun.  Jay called on our cul-de-sac friends, siblings, and friends to go out.  We went to eat dinner and then headed to the state line.  Here we went in and bought our packet of papers to play . . . BINGO!  It is hilarious fun, but also challenging to keep up with the caller.  I didn't win anything, but one of our neighbors won $200.  Way to go Camille!  It was a Bingo Birthday!  LOL.
Kerry, Camille, Jessica, and Shannon
Josie and Jon

Jessica and Abby (I can't figure out why this pic keeps turning!)

Jay and his Bingo Computers
Michael, Roger, and Dan

Camille getting her $200 pay out!

Valentine's Day

February 14, 2012
Valentine's Day was lots of fun this year.  We awoke to valentines made by each other on the table.  The kids and Jay and made mine and I had made each of them one too.  It was totally unplanned, but I guess Jay and I were on the same wavelength.  It was cute to see the kids surprised by each other's artwork.  Max got some new flippers for his swim class and Mary Kate got new earrings.  After family time together Jay headed to work and we went to Max's class party.  They had numerous different snacks and treats to munch on and then passed out Valentine cards.  After school Max exchanged Valentines with his sweetheart, Kirkland.  They were both so embarrassed to swap gifts.  It will make for a great story later in their lives.

Andrew, Avery, Hayden, Joesph, and Drew
Mac and Max

Will and Izzy

Max and Kirkland


Max and Mary Kate are both swimming again this month.  As you can see from the pictures Mary Kate is still very upset.  She does not enjoy her class and probably won't until she older.  Max on the other had can't wait until his class each week.  He loves to swim and the challenges the new strokes give him.  He even talked Jay into some "fast pants" as he calls them.

Pink Eye . . . ahhhh!

Wowzers!  What a week this was in the Kelley household.  We all came down with a case of viral pink eye.  Viral in the sense that nothing helps it!  It has to run its course.  I know I am a nurse and I know I know this about a virus, but I don't like it.  No matter what drops, antibiotics, or remedies we tried we all still hurt and suffered.  The best I can figure out is that Mary Kate brought home a mild version the week before.  She had an irritated eye that I put some over the counter drops in for a few days and it cleared up.  I never considered taking her to the doctor and I just kept sending her to the sitter.  Mother of the Year, right here!  Then we I got the "mild version" I was incapacitated for a week.  Jay, Max, and I all missed an entire week of school and work.  We sat with cool washcloths on our faces with the curtains shut to keep it dark.  Jay's symptoms came on first and he went to the clinic to see the NP.  She gave him some drops with enough "refills" to treat Max and me.  Well, after convincing Max to let us put them in he yelled, kicked, screamed as we wrestled them into his eyes.  The entire time telling him he was ridiculous and that eye drops were no that bad.  Ha.  Never again will I do that again without testing it on my myself.  When it came to my turn I cried, gritted my teeth, and probably said some nasty things.  I have never put in eye drops that burnt like the fire in those drops.  Did I mention I ha Mother of the Year.  Max ran a fever later in the week and even had some GI issues with it.  At that point I decided we were headed to the doctor since the fire drops were not improving our state.  My appt was in the morning and my MD gave me some antibiotics and new drops.  After lunch I took Max to the pediatrician and said we have a viral pink eye and that it could take 14 days to get over it.  She said my antibiotics were not going to do anything and I walked away with no script for Max.  Drugs for me kid, none for you.  Great day, couldn't she have just given me a placebo so that I felt like I was doing something for him?  Well, the pediatrician was right.  My meds didn't do anything and it took us about a week and a half to fully recover.  I think it took my eyes about a month before my vision was restored back to my normal.  What a week.  I will never disrespect pink eye again.  I will always give it my full attention and not belittle it's situation.

2 Year Check Up

Mary Kate went for her 2 year check up and she was great.  She isn't very fond of strangers so she hung to me when the pediatrician came in the room.  After a little warming up she was ready to talk to her.  The pediatrician was again impressed that she was in panties at only 2.  She was blown away at our 18 month visit when Sis was in panties.  She said we are very lucky to have had 2 kids that potty trained before the age of two.  I know we are very blessed.  She said that Mary Kate's verbal skills are coming along and that she is right where she needs to be at her age.  She reminded me that Max talked alot and very early and not to compare our second child to that standard.  She has a very vocal big brother that does most of her talking, but the talking she does is normal for her age.  I was thankful for this reminder.  She weighed 25 3/4 lbs and was 33 inches tall.  She ranks 30 % in weight and 50% in height.  She did not enjoy her shots and her brother had to leave the room.  He doesn't like for her to hurt and cry.  After out doctor's visit we all went to the park to feed the ducks.  Mary Kate calls them her "uck ucks" and loves throwing the bread to them.  After Max was bitten last year he isn't crazy about feeding them anymore.  It takes 1/2 the loaf for him to warm up to the ducks.  Thank you God for my blessings!

Circus Time

January 28, 2012

After Mary Kate's party we rushed home for nap time because we had special night planned.   Circus Time!!  I love the circus and it thrills me to take the kid-os.  We have been unable to attend the last two years due to Mary Kate.  She was born the weekend of the circus in 2010 and last year she had the flu.  We were very excited to be returning this year. Max has been twice but argued that he had never been.  I guess he doesn't remember his 1 and 2 year old trips to the circus.  This year Abby and Jack went with us.  Jack also brought his friend Trevor from school.  The kids were talking non stop all the way downtown.  I love to hear their enthusiasm about the clowns and animals.  Mary Kate just giggled and pretended to understand.  Once at the arena we took off to the floor for meet and greet time.  The kids got to see some of the animals and clowns face to face.  It was very crowded and hectic, but that is what it is all about, right?  Of course the night wouldn't be compete without our various trips for popcorn, funnel cakes, and cotton candy.  I took about a dozen Capri Suns in my bag and I think they drank every single one.  Who would have known that we ate Chick Fil A on the way to the circus??  LOL.   Max loved the clowns with the giant wheeled bike.  He had decided that Big Daddy needs to build one for his house.  Mary Kate was very concerned about all the acts in the air.  Every time someone was up high she would yell "Don't Fall!"  with both hands in the air.  Precious. What great memories. I love getting to enjoy all this again.  Until next year . . . 

Go Flames