Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Swimming Day 8

February 28, 2009

8 lessons down and 8 lessons to go!

Jay was a wonderful husband today and volunteered to swim with Max again. Max screamed the majority of the class, but afterwards he told me he had fun. ??? Who knows??? He did good as you can see in the video clips. Jay lets go of him and he can propel himself to the wall just before drowning. Well, gotta run, I'm finishing up tagging my consignment goodies for dropoff on Sunday. Talk to you soon!

PS: I finished up my photo project this week and had the posters printed. I also painted the 'whoville' frames on his wall. As soon as I finish the last pieces I will post pictures. Max says he really likes his "new painting."


February 22, 2009

I have been asked several times about the dog I blogged about a few days ago, so I figured I needed to update. Once I returned home there was no sight of the dog. Max continues to ask, "That big doggy find his way home?" I assure him that he found a home. Oh, I hope he did, he was a nice dog. So no new dog in "the cul de sac." . . . . . thank heavens!

2.2.22 Celebrated

February 21, 2009

Tonight we celebrated by grandfather's 87th birthday. His birthday was really on February 2nd, but due to illness we were not able to get together until now. We decided to arrive early and feed the local ducks at the docks. Well, it was raining and as you can see, Jay was the only one feeding the ducks. Max was not interested because Jay tossed some bread at his feet and all the ducks flocked to him . . . scaring him . . . smart one, Jay.
So Max stood with a grip on Unk Jon's hand trying to keep the ducks away. Before we left home, I told Max that Unk Jon was going to dinner with us. He returned with his fireman hat. He explained that he has to wear it to keep his head from getting wet in the rain.
After a great dinner of steaks, we all sang Bull "Happy Birthday," and enjoyed some cake.

We hope to enjoy many more birthdays with our Bull and Nanny!!

Swimming Lessons Day 7

February 21, 2009

Swimming lessons didn't go well today . . . at all. As Max has told everyone, "I cried da whole time." He has been doing better and better each week, but not today, it was a lot like week one. Who knows why? Hopefully next week is better . . . . it better be . . . I'm in the water!

While Daddy's Gone . . .

February 18, 2009

The Dog's Will Play!

Jay is gone this week and might possibly come home to a big surprise if he isn't checkin the blog. The big surprise stands really tall compared to Kix and almost to Max's shoulders. He's furry, slobbery, and likes to love on you. We picked him up on our walk this morning over by the pond. He followed us all the way thru the neighborhood and back to the house. Now he is asleep on my steps in the garage. Jay has always wanted a big dog and this might be the only way he gets one. He seemed to play well with Max and not so well with Kix. But . . . we all know Kix isn't the social type and to Kix it might resemble a coyote. I hope he finds his way home since it is suppose to storm and snow tonight. This dog ain't coming in my house!! And he is not staying in my garage . . . I'm just not sure how to get him out. As Max said, "Big Dog, go home!" I guess we could maybe call it Jersey, since that is where Jay is this week . . . . . or maybe Rex . . . then we would never keep Max, Kix, and Rex straight! We will see . . . . .

35th Wedding Anniversary

February 15, 2009
Today we celebrated Chris and Dianne's Thirty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary. We took them to their favorite local restaurant, Red Lobster, to celebrate. It was a scrumptous meal that was enjoyed by everyone.

Another X

February 15, 2009

Here is another X for my picture project. I got some comments that the X in the sky wasn't real clear (esp from my husband) so, I don't think you can miss the X in this picture.

Valentine's Day

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today started off as all our Saturdays do right now . . . swimming lessons day 6. Max did a good job today, but I had difficulty following directions with the new skill. We reviewed floating on our backs, kicking, swimming underwater to the wall while coming up for 3 breaths, climbing out of the pool like Spiderman (elbow, elbow, tummy, knee, knee), and using our "reachers" to stretch our arms to swim. Then came the new skill. Max (being the oldest in his class) got to the the teacher's helper as the demo. The teacher sat him on the edge of the pool with his feet dangling in the water. He talked to the class for a few comments until Max was not paying attention and BAM . . . . he pushed Max in when he wasn't looking. Max of course went under and then came up bobbing. He then turned and grabbed the wall. Instinct? I don't know, but that was the purpose . . . . to teach them if they fall in to automatically reach for the wall and climb out. Max then cried. We were suppose to then go and 'practice' ruining our kidos trust. I couldn't do it. I did make Max plop in and turn to the wall without grabbing me, but I didn't blindside him by shoving him in. Couldn't do it. From the other side of the pool, Jay was going "You just suppose to push him, not hold his hand!" Sorry Daddy, couldn't do it. He learned to turn to the wall for dependence and not to me, but I didn't shove him in. Also, being Mom of the Year, I took a camera without a memory card on Saturday. When I figure out how to get pictures off the internal memory . . . I will post them . . . until then just use your imagination. . . . Splash! WAAA!

After swimming lessons we did a variety of things. We went so the guys could get haircuts. Now they both look cool again with their spikes. Then we went to Chick Fil A for lunch and to play on the jungle gym. Finally we went home for naps. I love nap time! After naps we headed to Franklin to drop off our consignment clothes for next weekend's sale. While in Franklin we visited a local salt water fish store. Max was thrilled to see all the Nemo characters. Then it was time for dinner as we began to head home. We plugged up the GPS to see what all the area offered. The first place that popped up was . . . . . . Chucky Cheese . . . . less than 0.4 miles away. Max had never been, so we decided it was time to expose him to the excitement. When we pulled in the PACKED parking lot, Max saw the mouse face from the commercials and his face beamed. We told him we were going in there to eat and he remarked, "Me all growed up now, me going to Chucky Cheese." Ya see, we had been telling him that he was still to little and had to grow more to go. Well, now he is "all growed up" "I big". We had tons of fun eating pizza and watching the 'show.' Then Chucky came around and Max got the scratch his ears and shake his hand. We finished the trip with lots of games and rides. Max only got upset once and that was in the play house. He is still afraid of "dark slides" (that would be the tunnel ones) and that was the only way down from the top. A very nice little boy sat Max down with him and brought him down the slide. We were thrilled because we were trying to decide how we were going to get our wailing child out of the play house. I have some pictures from the sketching games that I will post when I scan them. It was a great day of family fun with my favorite big and little valentines. I couldn't have asked for anything more!

Awesome A

February 10, 2009

Well, that's it . . . . the A. Yes, I think I am going to spell his name in pictures of things significant to his life or maybe not so significant. But, I do know that the componets of the A mean a lot to Max. Most of these cars, trucks, "trailers", and trains go everywhere with us. I don't think we make a trip our of the house without having to take at least one.

Got my M

February 8, 2009

We were blessed today with another BE A U T I FUL day. The culdesac kidos got to run crazy outside in shorts and short sleeves. It was great. We enjoyed a day on the deck with friends, our laptops, Zack Brown, and lots of laughs. Below is another piece of the photo project I am working on . . . . I got my M. (An inital letter from a special culdesac front door. ) Whatca think? I plan on capturing the other letter really soon. I have a few ideas that I am going to try. I'll post the entire project when it is complete . . . . until then. . . .

Will it work?

February 7, 2009

Today was a great day outdoors so I got to snap a few pictures. Since I painted Max's room I have come up with a plan that has to do with pictures. I don't want to tell too much because I want to see if anyone gets 'it' from these pictures. Can you see it?

Swimming Day Five

February 7, 2009

Swimming went well again today. Max only had a few brief moments of whinning. No bribery today either. The following video and pic are for "my grandparents." Obviously the floating shot is for Big Daddy. "Look, me floats." After the video, Max said "Me go to Pawpaw's pool and teach him to swims like me." Five weeks down . . . Eleven to go.

Max's Nursery Rhymes

February 3, 2009

I have been planning on this entry to the blog for months, but hadn't gotten around to actually shooting the footage. Well, I made a point this week . . . to make the time . . . before the precious moments are gone with age. Enjoy these Southern Nursery Rhymes! I am not sure where he gets the accent, Jay and I neither one have a hint of a Southern accent . . . . ha ha ha.

Go Flames