Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Coach Pitch Baseball

September 28, 2013

Max is doing a great job learning coach pitch baseball, but he does not like to lose.  This team has been together for three seasons now and has had two undefeated tball seasons.  They do not understand why they are now losing in coach pitch.  Poor kiddos.  They are so excited each week and we are seeing them improve, but it will still take a few seasons to be undefeated again.  

MaryKate wanted to play on the playground after the ballgame.  She loves to climb, jump, and slide.

ROC Race

Today Jay and I ran the R.O.C. Race.  The initials stand for the Ridiculous Obstacle Course Race and it lived up to its name.  I am not sure what the deal is this year, but every race we have done has been rainy and cold.  Unfortunately, this race was the same.   We toughed it out and once we got moving we were fine.  It was a great race with lots of jumpy obstacles filled with foam and water.  We go to go across monkey bars, swing on ropes above mud, run through tires, climb over walls, and go across a spinning log with wrecking balls swinging around you.  Fun. Fun.  I love these days with my honey. We really have a great time laughing and motivating each other.  I can't wait until our next one!

Butterfly Release

September 26, 2013

The yearly butterfly launch was today at Max's school.  Each year they raise butterflies and watch them go through their phases.  The classes patiently wait on them to come our of their cocoons and then they let them go.  The entire school participates with classes reading poems, stories, singing songs, and acting.  It is a great event to attend.  Then at the very end they let the butterflies out of the jars so they can "fly to Mexico."  This year Gindy and Kerrigan went with us to see them fly.

Rugged Maniacs

September 14, 2013

We are so blessed to have friends like these two!  This weekend we got away with two of best friends, Amanda and Clay.  The guys were running or shall I say participating in the Rugged Maniac at Paoli Peaks, IN.  We used the opportunity to make a weekend of it.  Jay called the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at last year before my heart surgery and booked us rooms.  It was a wonderful time to just get away and do nothing.  The boys raced, we chatted, walked around the casino, found somewhere to eat, walked the town, slept, and went to a movie.  Now that I type it, it appears we did alot.  Lol.  It was a nice weekend and I hope we make it an annual event.  

Fun on Big Daddy's Boat

September 8, 2013

Driving with no bottoms!!

Mary Kate's first time on the tube!!  No Hands!!

First Coach Pitch Game

September 7, 2013

This fall Max started in the coach pitch bracket of the baseball league.  It was definitely a learning season, but he is developing a love for baseball.  It is such a blessing to watch him grow and learn. 

Go Flames