Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Halloween Night

October 31, 2014

My little spooks as TMNT Michelangelo and MLP Rainbow Dash

Trace and Ashton

Kayla and Tristan

Bob and LeighAnn Fohrd

Michael and Shannon Miller

Stephen and Amy McKenzie

Clay and Amanda Cooper with Micah and Sawyer

Dan and Kerry Johnson

Jenn and Eric McQuinn with Chole and Courtney

Owen and Ella Sudddarth

Bebe and Big Daddy as Mrs. Kay and Phil
Quinton and Michael

Mike McFarland, Shannon, and Lee

MaryKate and Jay trick or treating on the square

Class parties

October 31, 2014

After trick or treating on the square, we went to each of the kids classrooms for parties.

Mckenna Williams was the Queen of Hearts

My station at the party was Halloween Bingo.  Each of the kids got to play until they won a special treat.

Hannah Dyer dressed as a Candy Corn Witch

After Max's party we rushed over to MaryKate's classroom party

She was having a blast with her girlfriends:  Zadia, Grace, MK, and Cameron

Jay's Birthday

October 22, 2014

Jay celebrated his 34th birthday this year.  We did it in family style fashion with a dinner at his parents' house with the whole family.  The kids love celebrating each other's birthdays.  MaryKate is always quick to ask "Whose birthday is next?"  as she anticipates her special day.

Sleepover Fun

MaryKate and Harper enjoyed one of their first sleepovers tonight!  The mermaid and princess are tucked in tight!

Cheekwood Field Trip

October 17, 2014

Today we went on Max's class field trip for the Fall. We went to Cheekwood mansion in Nashville Tennessee. We got to visit the house and art gallery. It had sculptures by William Edmonson, a local limestone carver in the early 1920s. Then we went outside to the grounds and saw the scarecrows dressed up and donated by local businesses. Lastly, we finished up with lunch on the grounds and allowing the kids to play. Its always fun to hang out with Max and his friends and fellow moms.

Trace and Ashton's Birthday

October 12, 2014

We had dinner at Grandma and grandpas tonight to celebrate trace and birthdays. 
Trace enter the teenage years as a 13 year old and Ashton is close behind at 11.  We enjoyed grandma's chicken nuggets for dinner per Trace and Ashton request and then some ice cream cake for dessert.

Hunting with Unk P

October 8, 2014

Max enjoyed a day of hunting with his uncle P during his fall break.  They didn't kill any deer but had some great boy time  in the tree stand. It is wonderful that my brothers love to spend time with him.  Max definitely loves this boy time and has talked about it for days.

Go Flames