Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Perfect Season

June 23, 2012
This weekend ended our t-ball season with a bang.  Holleman Trucking was UNDEFEATED!  I am not sure who was more excited:  the kids, coaches, or parents.  It has been another great year with an awesome set of supportive families.  I know we look forward to the excitement it will bring next spring.

More Birthday Fun

June 24, 2012
I think Max's birthday lasted a few days this year.  We had the Shark Party with water slide on Saturday.  Then on Sunday we spent the day as a family.  We went swimming and then went to Build a Bear.  Max loves to build new stuff animals.  They always get really original names like "Beary" or "Dolphy," or "Froggie."  Mary Kate is getting into the Build a Bear scene too now.  She loved dressy her "Mimmie Bear" with clothes and bows.  To end the night we went to see the newest Pixar movie "Brave."  It was about a firey red headed princess who rebuilds her relationship with her mother.  I thought it was a little heavy for my kids.  There are a few intense bear scenes, but overall an ok movie.

June 25, 2012
We got up on Max's real Birthday and headed out for a surprise.  We took both kids to a local water park for the day.  Our fabulous neighbor gave us some awesome coupons to spend the day there.  The kids had a blast on the slides and in the kids' area.  We also enjoyed time in the shallow pools and wave pool.  Mary Kate wasn't crazy about the wave pool, but Max thought he was at the beach diving in the waves.  We all relaxed in the lazy river and we floated the area multiple times around. 

Max told Pawpaw at the Memorial Day Crawfish Boil that he wanted Crawfish Etouffee for his birthday.  So after the water park we headed over to the Kelley's house for Birthday dinner.  My parents, Nanny Margaret, and Cheri were all able to join us.  The etoufee was wonderful and Max ate a ton.   I brought along some cupcakes from the party and we sang Happy Birthday again.  This time Pawpaw added some birthday spankings.  Max had waited all weekend for his gifts from his grandparents.  He was thrilled when Pawpaw and Grandma gave him cash on Sunday to go to Build a Bear.  Then they surprised him with another gift of Nerf Laser Tag Guns.  I am not sure who was more excited about the guns, Jay or Max. They have played and played with them.  Max ended the night with Bebe and Big Daddy's gift.  It was one that we had all waited on.  It has a valuable lesson behind it.  Back in January Max helped Big Daddy shop for Bebe's new Kindle Fire reading tablet.  During their shopping Max apparently asked for an iPad for his birthday.  The details are a little sketchy, but knowing my father I  am willing to bet he wasn't paying attention to the conversation.  Max is a chatter box and I think Big Daddy was replying with "yeah, uh huh, right, yep, ok, uh huh, sure."  Well, later that night when my Mom opened her gift Max piped up with, "and Big Daddy is getting me an iPad for my next birthday."  The shock on Big Daddy's face was enough to know that he was not engaged in the conversation that he agreed to this gift.  So for the rest of the family birthdays this spring Max has told everyone that "My Big Daddy is getting me an iPad.  Yeah, he told me he was."  Big Daddy was a good sport and shopped around to keep up his end of the deal.  Max was elated when he pulled his very own iPad out of the box from Bebe and Big Daddy.  We all just laughed and everyone learned to always pay attention when you are talking to Max.  It was sad for me to see his birthday come to an end, but we were all exhausted from such a fabulous weekend.


T-Ball Wins

Our Holloman Trucking T-Ball team is having a freat season.  The kids have really learned a lot about the game.  They coaches have moulded them it a really good little team.  The kids have learned how to field the ball and the coachs are always reminding them where to throw the ball.  So far, we are having an undefeated season.   I hope it continues!!
Hayden ready for the ball

Max running the ball to First

Game Ball!  Way to go Buddy!

Max hitting the ball

Running to the base

Memorial Day Crawfish

May 27, 2012

On Sunday, we enjoyed a Crawfish Boil with Jay's family.  My entire family, the Kelley family, and several close friends spent the day by the pool.  The kids had a blast babysiting the crawfish before they were cooked.  It was funny because they all sat around the baby pool full of crawfish.  Each kid had a stick and they poked and played with them all morning.  In the pool we lounged on floats to keep cool from the hot sun.  The kids jumped, flipped, and wrestled in the pool with all the uncles.  It was a perfect day to just relax and enjoy each other's company.
Jacob, Max, and Greyson
Cheeeeessssseeeeeeeeee, Jay and Mary Kate

The feast once the crawfish were dumped on the table
Mike, Josie, Ryan, Jessica, Jay, Lee, Josh, Big Daddy

Barb (aka Sassy B) and Little Logan
Lee and Jon launching Max into the air

Jessica and Holly

Trace, Mary Kate, and Pawpaw

Kayla, Josh, and Max

Max's 6th Birthday Party

June 23, 2012
Wow!  Time really flies when you are having FUN!  This weekend we celebrated Max's SIXTH birthday.  This year he wanted to have a Shark Party with a water slide.  We rented the slide early in the year, but the slide we picked out got damaged prior to our party.  The company called and offered us any of their slides for the same cost.  Of course, my excited husband went for the largest slide the company owned.  So we went from an average 18 ft slide to a 27 ft corkscrew slide.  Wowers!  It was a blast and super fast.  I hope everyone enjoyed it because we won't ever being paying for a slide that big.  :-)  During the party everyone enjoyed chips and dips, goldfish chex mix, and a shark mouth full of fruit.  Later in the evening Big Daddy fixed up some great BBQ and spicy backed beans.  Max had a wonderful time playing with friends.  I think lots of us big kids had a blast as well on the slide.  Happy Birthday to my little Man!

Avery riding the shark with Charlie Jo, Sawyer, and Mary Kate in the pool and Emma on the slide

Logan and Holly

Jessica and Kerrigan

Sully and Harper

Sarah Grace and Maddie

Kayla and Kirkland
Happy Birthday to you!

Present time with Drew, Maddox, and Max

Drew, Carter, and Max

Michael and Shannon

Mary Kate, Jessica, Maddie, and Sarah Grace

Josie, Kayla, and Mary Kate

My birthday boy!

Jon's turn on the shark

Memorial Day BBQ

May 26, 2012
Mom and Dad had their annual Memorial Day BBQ again this year.  This is one of my family's favorite weekends of the year.  We get to spend numerous uninterrupted  days with our family.  The weather was perfect and we were delighted to see many family and friends.  Dad's chicken was great and we had all sorts of side dishes and desserts.  The new zip line across the backyard was a hit with all the kids and several adults.  I don't think the zip line stopped moving at any point during the day. 

Josie, Papa Joe, and Todd

Holly and Josh

The line of hungry family

Big Daddys' new Gator ride on with Jack, Reid, Logan, and Braxton

Jim and Dad putting on the shoulders

Aunt Joanne's Family

Cheri and Lee and their Boys

More food

Bid Daddy's Zip Line

Go Flames