Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Days with Bebe & Big Daddy

This year my parents planned several Christmas events with Max and Mary Kate in mind.  They took them on their annual Polar Express Train Ride.  They both love taking this trip with Bebe and Big Daddy.  Once Thanksgiving gets here Max starts asking about the train ride.  He reminds Big Daddy every year about buying tickets.  After the ride, Max and Mary Kate talk about it for several days.  Mary Kate is excited that "new baby Charlotte" will get to go with her next year.  

Another night during the Christmas season they went on an adventure to look at lights.  Bebe and Big Daddy took them to a lights display downtown that is synchronized to music.  Max was really pumped after this night.  He talked and talked about how the lights went with the music and how many "hundreds" of lights were in the park.  At the end of the trail of lights there was a tent full of kiddie activities.  Of course, Max and Mary Kate got to play and ride everything.  Mary Kate told me all about the train and Max was thrilled over the "spider jump" with bungee cords.  

I am so thankful to have parents that love spending time with my kids.  Max and Mary Kate think the world of them and I believe my parents feel the same way.  I love seeing them giggle and laugh together.  I know real well how special grandparents can be when they are in your everyday lives.  I am so blessed to have had those in my life and even more blessed that my kids are getting to experience that kind of love as well.

Grinch Day

December 13, 2012
Max's class celebrated "Grinch Day" this week.  The week consisted of various snacks, the story, and helping the Grinch's heart grow.  The kids helped his heart grow by doing random acts of kindness for one another.  Max got to place a heart on the Grinch for helping another student.  He was super excited when I picked him up that day.  The day they watched the cartoon the kids were suppose to wear green like the Grinch.  Since his dog is named "Max" we decided that Max needed to go in costume at the dog.  I worked hard on making him a hat with the reindeer antler and then we added a tail, a collar with name tag, and a string of lights.  He looked good by the time Jay and I were done with him.   I kind of think that we were more excited than he was about the outfit.  Oh well!

Of course, since we were taking pictures of Max, Mary Kate had to get in some too.

Seeing Santa

Santa was a success this year.  We had no tears and fussing!  Max was quick to tell him that he wanted a blue remote control car like his Daddy's.  When Santa questioned about other wishes, Max told him to surprise him.  Hahaha.  Funny kid.  Mary Kate was a little shy, but then warmed up with our prompting.  She told Santa that she wanted lipstick and a TV for her bedroom wall.  Yes, only 2 yrs old and wants a TV like her big brother.  I guess we will have to wait and see what Santa brings.  I cannot wait!!

Christmas Arts and Crafts

December 8, 2012
Saturday we had an impromptu arts and crafts day for Christmas.  Several of us wanted to do some hand print crafts to save the memory of our kids' small hands.  We decided to get together and help each other manage kiddos and get it done.  We had lots of fun and made a big ole mess.  At one point we had eight kids wanting to stick their hands in all at once.  It was complete madness at moments, but totally worth it.  I absolutely love getting messy with the kids.  We all ended up with some great projects for keepsakes and gifts.  We really missed our sickly friends and their babes, but we aired on the side of precaution and not sharing germs here at Christmas time.  We plan to have a spring day of crafts for Easter, hopefully everyone can attend.



12 Weeks Post Op

November 30, 2012
I have finally come to the end of my restriction time on paper!  I am now twelve weeks out from surgery.  I feel better and better as each week passes.  Although, I am getting stronger I can still notice some physical restrictions within my own body.  It is truly amazing when you pay attention to what your body is telling you.  I feel twinges when I pick up something too heavy or use my right arm too much.  My incision and sternum are still too tender to wear a bra comfortably.  Jay jokes that I have given them up forever.  No. No.  When Jay and I run my incision still swells some from the jarring and my rib muscles cramp from the movement of my lungs.  I also struggle a little when I try to grocery shop by myself.  It is difficult to steer the cart once it starts getting heavy.  I have been educated during this healing process at just how much we use our chest muscles everyday.  These are all minor discomforts that are relieved with simple rest, stretching, or motrin.  I am thankful everyday to have come so far in my recovery.  I know that one day I will "feel like me" again.  I just have to be patient. 
With the end of my restrictions this week I got to return to work today.  I was so excited and a little bit nervous and anxious.  I am ready to get back into the daily grind with everyone at the hospital.  It thrills me to have all my hospital friends back in my daily life.  Today was great to be able to take care of my patients, think with my nursing brain, organize myself, start IVs, and just ne in the hospital.  I loved all the hugs and shocked faces when staff  and docs saw me behind the desk.  It felt great to be there with them all again.  With this return to normalcy, I am also challenged to keep myself  "above the muck."  It is so easy when life is normal and calm to overlook our blessings.  I am less likely to be overly grateful and thankful for everything that comes into my life.  One of my goals is to change this part of my life.  I have spent the past three and half months reflecting, loving on my family, and growing in my Christian walk.  I am no where near perfect and I know I will have days that I fall way short of my goals.  But I know there are things that have changed in my heart and in my mind.  Right now I see things in a more divine light.  I want to stay this way.  I know this means that I am going to have to work at it daily.  Learn to keep my mouth shut when it shouldn't be opened, forgive, walk away, stay positive, and above all else remember to have time to praise God.  There will be hard days and days when I'm in a bad mood, but I want to strive to succeed.  When life is going like you plan it, it is hard to not get bogged down in this world with daily living and stresses.  I want to make a point to love on others, spend quality time with my family, and rise up to the occasions.  Now that my physical body is almost recovered, it is time to make sure that my mind stays renewed also.

Go Flames