Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Learning to Write

February 24, 2014

MaryKate has recently really shown an interest in "doing homework."  I think she sees Bubby doing it every night and wants to get in on the attention.  I have decided to harness that interest and put her to work.  She has started to seriously work on writing her letters and putting them together to get her name.  She complains about a long name much like I can remember by brother Jonathan complaining to my mother, but she continues to work at it.  Little by little she is making improvements.  Tonight we hooked all the letter together and she finally got to see her whole name.  As you can tell in the pictures, she is very proud of herself.  

First Lost Tooth

February 23, 2014

Max finally lost his first tooth tonight!!  He is so so very excited!!  He had decided he wouldn't ever lose any teeth.  He is thrilled to go to school tomorrow and get on the chart for lost teeth!!  I can't believe the snaggle tooth years have begun.

Parsons Cuz Time

February 16, 2014

Today we went and visited with Baby Jace.  We took dinner and hung out for the evening.  Josh and Charlotte even came over to play for a little while.  We love snuggling with Jace.  Max doesn't like to share him.  Once he gets Jace, he doesn't pass hime along to everyone else.  The kids have a great time together.  It it going to be fun watching them grow up!

Valentines Day

February 14, 2014

This year we exchanged homemade valentines again between the four of us.  The kids and I enjoy pulling out all the paper, scissors, glitter, and other crafty goodies.  We look forward to chances to make a mess and play with them all.  These valentines hold a special place in my heart since they are handmade by each of us.  The kids did a great job and got really artistic with their designs this year.  MaryKate even made one for her boyfriend, Spencer Miller.  

On Valentines morning we took Kirkland and made a quick stop for donuts before school.

The kids both had parties that afternoon.  We were able to attend both of them because they differed in time by just enough.

Jay was out of town and flew back in the afternoon so our gifts had to wait.  Once we were home from school, the kids found their valentines on the table.  They were both excited with their little treats and gifts.  

PTO Fundraiser

February 11, 2014

Tonight was Max's school's PTO spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  Before the dinner each of the classes performed different acts.  The First graders showed off their musical talents with new songs from Music Class.  The songs were fun to watch because they focused on using different aspects of their voice and tongue to make sounds.

Going to Disney

February 8, 2014

This morning we surprised our kids told them about our upcoming Disney World Vacation.  I made a paper chain with links to represent each day as a visual countdown.  As you can tell we are still like 80ish days away.  Jay got the suitcases out and put a Mickey and Minnie balloon and stuffed animal in each of them.  Then in Max's we put in the sign for the start of the paper chain that says "Days until Disney."  The kids opened the suitcases and the balloons popped out.  Max then read the sign and looked at the chain.  They were kind of dumbfounded and speechless.  It was totally not the reaction I was expecting.  Jay said, "We are going to Disney World this spring!  Aren't you excited?"  Max replied with a big grin and "We are?"  Unfortunately, that was it.  No screaming, no jumping, just sweet grins and giggles.  I know they are excited and it will increase as the chain disappears.

Winter Swim

MaryKate is enjoying some winter swim classes this time of year.  She loves the water and jumping off the side.  I am very proud of her for only crying once during this session.  She was not happy that her teacher has to be absent.  During her classes she has gotten stronger with her freestyle stroke and can make her way around the shallow end of the pool.  Recently they have been working on their backstrokes and learning how to float.  This week they ventured into the deep end.  Ms. Beverly instructed them to jump in, swim to her, and the she gave them their noodle to float.  Each of the kids did very well and then swam with the noodle back to the shallows.  I am so glad that both my children enjoy the water and swimming.  These are lessons that are lifelong!!

MaryKate's Rapunzel Party

February 1, 2014

This past Saturday was MaryKate's big Rapunzel party.  She (and I) has been planning it for months now.  We went to a friend's party last spring that was hosted by Cinderella and MaryKate was inspired.  As we drove home from the party she told me that she wanted a "Punzel Party" for her next "burfday."  So the planning began . . . .  now the day has come and gone and I am kind of sad.  We had lots of fun crafting, dreaming, and planning for the big day.  Jay got involved and helped with all the hair decor around the house.  We had Rapunzel hair coming out of windows, wrapping around the house, and then strung all over my living room.  Along with the hair we made pennants and strings of flags like Rapunzel's village.  A special friend that has done my hair since childhood made MaryKate a hairpiece for the day.  She took yarn of Rapunzel yellows and crafted a headband that could be worn and braided.  MaryKate was on cloud 9 with her braid.  She proudly wore it most of the day.  I had a lovely cake made with Pascal on top to watch over the party goers. MaryKate made it clear that this was a girls only party.  We were able to sneak in a few boys and thank goodness she wasn't rude.  Most of the older kiddos played outdoors during the party.  It was a blessing to have a warm beautiful day so that they weren't all trapped in my  house.  As the girls arrived we sat them all at a 'banquet table' for painting.  I had purchased canvas squares for each child and used contact paper to mount their initial to it.  They were all encourage to paint and decorate the entire canvas with colors.  Once the paintings dried, we peeled the initials off and a white letter remained in the middle.  I was pleased as to how they turned out and the uniqueness of each individual child shined with them.  Rapunzel arrived as we were finishing the paintings and took over the party.  For the next hour or so she entertained them with stories, princess manners, dancing, and face painting.  She also took time to have a princess coronation with a wishing stone and Tinkerbell dust over each little princess' head.  The girls were ecstatic.  They were thrilled to get to interact with Rapunzel on such a personal level.  The princess did a fabulous job with all the kids.  She listened to them and took time to make each of them feel special.  I totally recommend if you are looking for a character in our area.  After Rapunzel left we ended up having an impromptu slumber party because the kids were having such a good time together.  We ordered pizza and watched movies for the evening.  Then in the morning we tossed pancakes across the kitchen and celebrated MaryKate's birthday a little bit more.  

Go Flames