Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

N.A.P.S. Christmas

December 20, 2011
Max's PreK class had a Chrismas Program on Tuesday night.  In combination with the preschool classes they put on a perfomance of singing and screaming.  The teachers even got to have roles as different stars.  The kids laughed as they watched their teachers on the stage.  Each age group did a great job and looked beautiful in their Christmas outfits.

 December 21, 2011
Wednesday morning Max's class had its Christmas Party.  They enjoyed lots of good food and sweets.  They played a game with their presents and music.  Each of them were excited about their gifts to take home.  They finished up the party with a game of musical chairs.  I was impressed with how competitive these four and five year olds got during the game.  The girls were all pumped when Hannah won.  They ran to her screaming and gave her hugs.  Too funny!  I love spending time with this kidos.

Tacky Sweaters

December 10, 2011
Saturday night we attended a party at Abby and Nick's house.  As you can tell from the pictures the theme was tacky sweaters.  Everyone participated and had a great time.  I posted pictures of several of the couples in their party outfits.  We can't wait until this party next year.  I hope it becomes an annual event on our calendar.

Santa's Lap

December 9, 2011
I don't usually purchase the CD of photos with Santa, but Mary Kate made that irresistible this year.  Max did a great job and talked to Santa about his list and his elf Milo that is visiting out house.  Mary Kate was a different story.  She was telling us "no, no, no" before we even got close to Santa.  Then the tears started when she realized I wasn't going to give up.  The photographer got ready and I literally began peeling her off my shoulder and tossing her onto the seat.  From the look on Santa's face, I don't think he was comfortable with the situation.  I was!!  Mean Mommy.  Since there was no line in the middle of the day.  The guy taking the pictures kept shooting until we got what we wanted. . . . and we did.  I can't wait to show this to here as a teenager.

Cookie Party

December 10, 2011
Saturday morning we went to a cookie party at a friend's house.  Brandi and Mark's kidos go to the same church preschool as Max during the week.  We enjoyed the morning at their house with several other friends and kids.  Brandi did an amazing job with the cookies and organization of sprinkles and icing.  When we make cookies here next week my kitchen will be a disaster.  I love doing it, but we go crazy with sprinkles everywhere.  Saturday each kid made several cookies and decorated it to their approval.  Then some packed them up for home and others like Mary Kate licked theirs clean.  There was even a special guest of Mrs. Claus at the party.  She mingled with the kids, helped with cookies, and played with them.  After Mary Kate's traumatic experience with Santa the night before it took her a little while to warm up to her.
Max concentrating on his cookie
Andrew and Mary Kate
Charlotte and Isabella

Maddie loving the icing
Trevor and Sarah Grace
Now that is a bunch of kids to brave cookie decorating with
Mary Kate and Mrs Claus

Pee Pee in the Potty

Mary Kate is definitely into the baby scene this winter.  She takes her babies everywhere we go. We have lots of bottles, spoons, cups, and diaper bags.   Now that she is potty trained, she is training her babies.  I guess she is tired of diapers.  LOL!  The picture is of her telling her baby to pee pee in the potty.  She even gets toilet paper to wipe them, puts it in the potty, and flushes.  I am so glad that Mary Kate and all her babies are potty trained!!

Hunting with the Unks

December 8, 2011
Today was Max's day!  I think it was one of his most exciting days in his little 5 years.  Josh called him on Tuesday and asked him to come spend some time with him and Jon.  We met Josh on Wednesday night and Max headed to the 'Boro to spend the night.  Then early early Thursday morning they headed to the Farm to hunt.  They were looking for deer, but Max says "We saw three, but Unk P and Unk Jon scared them away."  While I spent they morning at work hanging on each test message that came, they huddled together in the woods and watched quietly.  They didn't have any luck, but Max made some long lasting memories.  They sat in the stand, ate snacks, and then did some target practice later in the morning.  Max was pumped that he hit the cup with the 22.  He is really getting into the hunting past time.  I am so glad he can share this with my brothers.  I am anxious to see what happens when they finally kill an animal.

Corky Kelley

December 2, 2011
Tonight we welcomed a new member to our Kelley family.  Pawpaw gave Grandma a new best friend.  Corky the Welsh Corgi was and early Christmas present.  He is an adorable little puppy with big ears and tiny legs.  Molly loves him, but he is not so sure of her.  They will be fun to watch around the pool this summer.  Corky - word of advice - don't dig up anything in the yard.  You might have to go live on the farm if you do, just saying, Booger the pig didn't get to stay around too long after that!!

Jacob's Program

Tuesday night we got the opportunity to see Cheri's son, Jacob perform with his Choir.  They sang an arrangement of Christmas melodies.  Jacob is the blonde by the microphone.  He is so loving and I feel like he has been a part of our family forever.  I was proud of the middle schoolers for being brave enough to get out there in front of us all.  It is so much fun have a family of 8 cousins.  We have a Christmas program every Tuesday in December and they are each at a different school.  Big families are CRAZY!!

Parsons Thanksgiving

November 26, 2011
Saturday we celebrated with the Parsons family .  We usually do this at our house, but this year we changed it up.  In the past year Aunt Linda and Uncle Tony have purchased some land in Murfreesboro.  The land has a building on it and lots of room to play.  We had a fabulous dinner in the building and then played around the farm.  The kids (and adults) enjoyed riding the go cart and driving the tractor around the area.  Then the men pulled out their guns and bows for some target practice.  Max went nuts and go right in on all the fun.  He loved shooting!!  It was sad to not have Bull with us on our new endeavor as a family, but he is just too weak to get out.  We are so blessed to have been given so many years with Bull.  Now we need to plan his big 90th party for February!!

Thanksgiving Day

November 24, 2011
Again this year we were lucky enough to be able to attend Thanksgiving at Josh and Holly's house.  Max and Mary Kate love to go there and play with all the dogs and cats.  It puts Jay's allergies on overload, but he is a trooper and drugs himself to be able to withstand it.  Holly had a great turn out again this year.  Mom and Dad brought along Nanny and Pa to enjoy the dinner.  We had all the tradition Thanksgiving foods and sides.  Yummy!  I could eat dressing all weekend . . . oh I forgot I do each year in November!

NAPs Thanksgiving

Jay and Grandma got to attend Max's Thanksgiving lunch at PreSchool.  He was so excited about having them there.  He loves everyone being a part of his school.

Max also loves his teachers.  He always wants a picture with Ms Teresa and Ms Angela.  We are very blessed to have wonderful women playing such and important role in his life.

Kelley Thanksgiving

November 19-21, 2011
We changed up our traditional Kelley Thursday Thanksgiving this year.  Since Shannon and Ty are living in Ashville, NC they were unable to come home.  Thus a roadtrip was born!  Jay and I headed up on Thursday night and the rest of the clan came up on Friday.  We had such a great weekend!  It was so nice to have no where to go, no other families to share time with, and no plans what so ever.  We were all 16 (more when neighbors were involved) in their house all weekend.  The kids all played to their hearts delight and the adults got to chat and hang out.  On Saturday we prepared our traditional dinner and ate and ate and ate.  All the food was fabulous.  I usually have a hard time giving up traditions and making changes, but this upset was well worth it.  I hope we do Thanksgiving like this until we get the Wilsons back in town! 

Go Flames