Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Bee Swarm

April 28, 2009On Tuesday afternoon we were outside in our front yard when he experienced a strange event. While getting max in the stroller to go running, a large swarm of bees began flying into our yard. They were going nuts buzzing all over the place. The mowers had been around that afternoon so we just figured that they stirred them up. We left on our run thinking they would continue on their mission. When we returned we found they had attached themselves to our tree. The top picture shows the hundreds of them caked onto each other. Our neighbor gave us the name and number to a local bee keeper that turns out we knew pretty well. He said he would be right over to get the bees. Within the hour Wayne and his son Blake showed up with all their gear. It was a real site to see as they prepared for the capture. Blake held the hive box under the mound of bees and Wayne scooped them into the box. NO STINGS! Amazing! They placed the box under the tree and said they would return at dark to pick up the box with all the bees. Wayne explained that the Queen is always in the middle of the pack. When he scooped them he hoped to get her and place her in the box. Then all the worker bees move to find her and cover her again, hence all the bees going in the box. Neat-o. All the bees left with Wayne their new adoptive father who will give them a happy home. Thanks!

The Zoo

April 27, 2009

To end our fabulous weekend, Jay and I both took off Monday and visited the Zoo with Max. He loves to look at all the animals. Big Daddy works near the Zoo so he came over on his lunch break. Max took him to see the elephants, meerkats, and ostrich. Max enjoyed watching the meerkats run around.

Prayer Request

April 29, 2009

We just got word last night from the Coopers that they and the kids will be coming home due to the flu epidemic in Mexico. Remember they are our best friends who are missionaries at a University along with their children Carter (5) and Emerson(3). They are located in Puebla, Mexico . . . way down south. Clay's sister and her husband are also there along with several friends from the states. CMF (their parent organization) has ordered all their staff in Mexico back to the states. Amanda and the kids are the first to leave this Sunday along with a pregnant staff member. Then Clay and the others will follow in the next days to weeks. Please pray for their safety and health as they prepare for the trip. Also pray that the local students understand and don't feel deserted by their new colleagues. Thirdly pray that the US doesn't close its borders before everyone that needs to get home is home.

Wonderful Weekend

April 27, 2009

This past weekend we all (The entire Kelley Family) took a trip to Dayton, OH. We went for one of Jay's cousin's wedding. We all had lots of fun and topped it off with Sunday at King's Island. Check out the slideshow to see our trip.

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Josh is ENGAGED!

April 25, 2009

Yea! Josh finally popped the question this weekend . . . and . . . Holly said "Yes!" Here is a pic of the ring . . he did a good job. Once I get the video I will post it also. I think they are looking at May 2010 as a date. So . . lots of wedding stuff in the next year. Jon and Josie have set their date and are booking vendors for July 25, 2009. I can't wait. I love Josie and Holly. They both make my little brothers so happy!

Jack's FIRST Birthday

April 20, 2009
Jack's first birthday party was loads of fun. Max gave him a Lightning McQueen ride on that Jack went nut-so over. He loved pushing the buttons and dancing. Watch him dance to his singing card in the video below.

Max found a new friend in Laney. They ran and giggled during the party. They even got to help open the gifts because Jack was too interested in the crowd watching him.Abby and Nick couldn't get him to get messy with his cake. He just looked and licked and smiled that gorgeous smile. He is such a fun little ONE year old! Thanks for letting us enjoy your party with you!

What Goes In . . .

April 19, 2008 Mid-Morning

MUST COME OUT!! Max really enjoyed his bright blue snowcone from Pawpaw at the soccer fields. He didn't enjoy Mommy scrubbing it off later before Brittany's Wedding!! The first cul de sac wedding went off without any problems. Our neighbor, Chuck, married off his oldest daughter this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding with great spring weather.

Swimming Day 14

April 19, 2009 Morning

Max had another great swimming day this morning. He can float on his back for as long as you want him to do it. I would count and he just kept floating, then he would roll over to his tummy, and swim back to the wall. He has so impressed me with his swimming a age TWO.

5 Tons

April 18, 2009

Friday Jay, Max, and I shoveled five tons of pea gravel under our deck. We were tired of the mud and filth since it doesn't get any sun. Jay spent time a few weeks ago placing a landscape border and fabric down. Then on Friday we tackled the big project of the gravel. During one of the off loads, we caught Max imitating his unk JP. Check out this photo and you will see what I mean . . . He had his shirt off and was posing in the reflection of the windows flexing his muscles. That pic's for you P! The deck looks great with the gravel underneath. It looks finished and landscaped. Now I just have to get my flowers out and some shrubs for the edges of the deck.

Kayla is SIX!

April 14, 2009

Our only neice, Kayla, turned six today. We celebrated her party this weekend, but got together as a family tonight to honor her day. We enjoyed burgers at the Kelley's with all the fixins. Chris and Dianne's long time friends, Jim and Pauline, are in to visit for the week so they got to indulge in the festivities also. Kayla topped off her evening with chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. She is our little princess!

Easter 2009

April 12, 2009
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Birthday Party

April 11, 2009

Kayla and Tristan celebrated their birthdays this week. We had a big party with a slide on Saturday. Mute the blog music and enjoy the slideshow of party pics.
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Sarah Grace is ONE!

April 11, 2009

Sarah Grace turned one today! We partied at Lariverre's this morning with a pancake party. All the food was great and Sarah Grace loved the attention. She is such a cutie! Maybe Max should date younger women!
Blowing out the candles on the pan'cake'Max and Avery chowing downAmanda and Sarah Grace opening presents

Tornados in the 'Boro

April 10, 2009

Murfreesboro, TN was hit by tornadoes on Friday. It just so happens that Max and I had gone to the 'Boro for the day to spend time with Josh and Jon. Holly, Josie, and I had planned a girls' day and max was suppose to spend the day with the boys. Well, the storms rolled in while we were at Jon and Josie's new house. We had no radio, no tv, and obviously no Doppler radar. We just thought it was storming until all our phones started going off from people at home. Mom called, Jay called, Gindy called, Dad called, and so on and so on. Then we started to get a little panic-y. Jon turned on his Fire Radio and they were going nuts. We stood on the back deck and watched the clouds of the tornado pass over the house just before they touched down just a few miles north of their house. It was a little scary, although Max thought the hail was really cool and he ran around the deck eating it. We are very lucky that both of their homes were fine because many people lost loved ones and everything they own.

Tristan Turns 4!

April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Tristan! Our nephew turns 4 today. Whoa! Time really flies. Tristan decided to celebrate his day with dinner at Jackie and Billy's. We all enjoyed our catfish, beans, grilled cheeses, and cornbread. We topped it all off with a Batman cake that the kids really enjoyed. Happy Birthday Tristan!

Play Dates

April 8, 2009

This morning Jack and Abby came over to play outside in the wonderful weather. Max and Jack had lots of fun running in the yard. Max tried to get Jack to play soccer with him. Jack thought is was fun to pick up the balls and carry them. Jack also experienced the sand box and all its filth. Abby handled it very well. Jack tossed some sand on Max, so being the 2 year old he is, Max scooped a shovel full and threw it on Jack. "Momma, he throwed sand on me." Abby handled that well too. To be the watchful mommy that she is, everyone still had a fun day in the sun. It is funny because Max talks to Jack like Jack understands and can follow his directions. They chitter chatter back and forth about whatever they are playing with at the moment. Here are some pics of them playing on the swing set. It looks like it is going to be a summer full of fun moments with the two of them.
After playing with Jack, Max took a really good nap while I read the latest J.Patterson on the deck. Then Gindy and Sadie came over for our second play date of the day. We pulled out the wagon and went on a fabulous walk around the neighborhood. It was beautiful this afternoon. Max showed Gindy all the turtles in the pond. He really enjoys playing with Sadie May even though she is still a little bigger than him. Kix was even hospitable to Sadie today. Thanks for a great day with friends!

HMC Easter Egg Hunt

April 4, 2009

Swimming Day 12

April 4, 2009

Wow!! Jay and Max didn't go in to enough detail last weekend about how awesome Max is swimming. Jay told me today that he knew I was upset about missing and didn't want to make it worse. He is so sweet!! But .. . WHOA! Max can swim for real . . . "all by myself." Check out these videos from this morning. The first is him floating on his back independently (yes, Big Daddy he can float on his back). The second is when he was jumping from the side and swimming across the pool to Jay (He told his teacher today that he was gonna teach his Pawpaw how to jump in and swim when it is warmer in his big pool). The third is Max swimming back to the wall. I am so excited for him. Also, he got his flippers today and he is very proud of those. You can see those in the videos too. Enjoy my little fish!

Go Flames