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Turkey Cookies

November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! This morning we started off our Thanksgiving decorating cookies. Amanda found us a neat-o idea to make tyrkey cookies, so we put it in action this morning. We had our own little assembly line. Max picked out the M&Ms, Jay place them on the cookies like turkey feathers, and I made the turkey faces. It was family fun . . . more about Thanksgving to come. We are now at the Kelley's for dinner tonight. Parsons Thanksgiving will happen Saturday at our house.


Finally Done!

November 23, 2008
Yea! We finished (actually Jay finished) Max's little play room this weekend. It is a lot of fun. As you can see the ceiling is dark purple with yellow glow in the dark stars. Then all the walls are dry erase board from the ceiling to the carpet floor. I love coloring in there, hopefully Max will like it as much as we do. Tonight he had his "sister" from the culdesac over to color. Be prepared to crawl in and sit down for a coloring next time you visit. Have a great week!

Numero 100-o?

That is my spanish for who will be my 100th visitor to the blog? Look at the tracker on the sidebar and see if you are . . . . please comment and if you are the winner of numer-o 100-o!!

Kix's Boo Boos

November 11, 2008

First and foremost, Kix is a little banged up, but he is home and playing fetch over and over and over just like he always! Thank goodness . . .

Now here's the rest of the story: Monday night Max and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating cookies, Jay was watching tv in the living room, and Kix was doing his nightly in and out thing. At the moment he was out and then I heard him scratch at the door as he always does when he returns. I looked up at the deck door at the same time that Kix stood on his hind legs against the door. With panic in his eyes, he was staring at me through the door. Quickly I saw the blood running from his neck and down his hair to dripping off onto the deck. I screamed something like "Kix is back and he's BLEEDING!" I ran to the door and of course let him inside. He bee lined to Jay laying in the living room floor, dripping blood all the way to him. We grabbed him and brought him in to the hardwood of the kitchen to inspect him. I immediately began applying pressure to the wound on his neck under his left jaw about collar line. As we looked him over we found multiple puncture type wounds to his neck. Max quickly asked if Kix needed a Scooby Doo band aid like his. He had just gotten a new box earlier that evening at the store. Jay called our neighbors to come over and look him over with us to help decide what we should do. While he called, I took Kix back to the tub and began washing the blood from hair to better see the wounds. Michael and Shannon came down and checked him out with us. Michael called his brother who had some animal IQ for guidance. Upon complete inspection we counted 5 punctures to the neckline: 2 to his dorsal neck (like canine teeth marks), 1 to his left ventral neck around his jugular, and 2 to his left ventral upper neck; then 1 to his right lower side. Poor baby. We got everything to stop bleeding except the deep one near his jugular it continued to ooze for an hour or so. We decided that he was in good enough shape (although shaking like a leaf) to wait until morning for the vet. We cuddled him and checked on him throughout the night.
Tuesday, Jay took him to the vet as soon as they opened. The vet put him to sleep and cleaned out the wounds while applying some good antibiotic ointment. Luckily nothing had to be stitched. Kix did well and Jay picked him up in the afternoon. By the time I got home from work, Kix was bringing me the tennis ball and ready to play. We chased it just like he always does last night. It was a wonderful feeling to see him doing better. He has to complete a 5 day regimen of amoxicillin and antibiotic cream to the sites. We thought that the coyotes had gotten him, but the vet feels like it was a run in with a opossum. He said that a 'coon (as Max says) or a coyote would of killed him.
We are very glad that Kix was being watched over during his wild animal confrontation. He gave us a real scare. Some may say that he is just a dog, but he has been our baby since 1999. In those 9.5 years we have grown very attached to him. Now that Max is on the scene, Kix has taken a little bit of a back seat role, but we still love him dearly. See my early picture of the BFFs taking a nap. That picture describes Max and Kix very well.

Secrets & 2yr Olds

November 16, 2008

This weekend has been nice and relaxing. Friday, Max and I Christmas shopped for Jay. We bought a great gift that Jay will love and never expect from us. One problem with taking a two year old though . . . they don't understand secrets. I knew it was a gamble, but what fun would it have been if Max didn't get to help pick it out and be a part of it. It is totally worth it, even if the following was his first conversation with Jay after the purchase. We were on the way home and Jay called my phone. Max was yelling from the backseat to "talk to my daddy." I prompted him and reminded him that the gift was a secret and not to tell Daddy. Jay's first words were, "Max, don't tell me the secret." Max takes my phone which is on speaker and puts his lips to it and says "Daddy we go shopping." "Oh really." "Yeah, it my mom's (whisper) secret." Trying to change the subject, Jay said, "What else have you and Mommy done today? Did you go by her work?" Max grins at me in the mirror, and says "We buy-ed you a heli-cop-er." I jumped in and said "No, Max that helicopter is for you, not daddy." (Background: I also bought Max a little helicopter, thinking I could play off him talking about it as his.) "Yea, Mommy, but Daddy one too." Jay is laughing hysterically on the speaker phone and I am trying to safely wrestle my phone from the 2 year old in the backseat as I drive on the bypass. When we get home, Jay is waiting and comes to the car. He compliments Max on his little helicopter. Max says he wants to play with Daddy's "copter". Jay plays along and takes Max's into a flight circle in the driveway. Max clarifies with "NO, Daddy, your's is back there." (as he points to the bag in the back of the car) Jay just laughs and takes Max inside while I smuggle the contraband helicopter into the house as if it is still a surprise. Memories!! What a Christmas this year is building to be . . . .


November 10, 2008
Check out this wonderful naptime photo of great buddies . . . Max & Kix

Where we've been

November 11, 2008

As you can tell by my lack of blogging, it has been a crazy week and a half around here. I will try to catch you up quickly.
Halloween was lots of fun. Max did great and loved all the costumes. My niece and nephew were Nala and Pumba from the Lion King (Max was Simba); so the three of them made a really cute group trick or treating together. Halloween night we had friends, culdesac, and family over for hot chili and soups. It was a real hit as we ate and lounged around by the fire pits to keep warm. We ended the evening with all the culdesac kids and crayons. Yea, crayons. Someone brought up the point that if you burn crayons they turn the fire different colors. So, yea at 11pm on Halloween all the culdesac-ers are sitting by the fire with kidos cuddled in our laps cheering Jay on as he burns crayons. We were so excited that he went in and got my large plastic organization box filled with crayons. We did discover that the cheaper the crayon the prettier the colors. For example Crayola crayons don't produce hardly any of any color. Someone made the point that probably only the toxic ones made the colors. Who knows? It was great fun laughing and bonding with all the kidos.
The past week at work was crazy. Somehow or another I got placed in charge of educating my department about a new computer charting upgrade. Well the upgrade went "live" this week. Needless to say, I worked 4 days (I know waaa, but when you are only used to 3, the extra 12 hr day makes a big difference) with lots of "working out the bugs" problems. It was long and thank goodness it is over. All my fellow staff did a great job and picking out the stuff that didn't work and helping me get it fixed (as much as I could).
This weekend Jay and I started a project that we have been planning to do ever since we bought our house . . . a play room. Our bonus room has one of those little short attic spaces that runs down the exterior wall of the house. We have been wanted to finish those walls, carpet, etc so that Max could play in it like a club house. Thursday we went to Lowe's for the first of many trips to get our supplies. Friday, Max and I spent all day in the garage painted the wood for the ceiling. We painted it a deep purple with yellow stars covered in glow in the dark paint. We put the ceiling up on Sunday . . . and Max was really impressed. . . . it glows! (Good, just like planned . . .great!).
Saturday, Jay and Pawpaw (his dad) spent the morning rewiring for a plug in the room and a light with a fixture rather than just a bulb. It works already, and Max knows how to pull the string to turn it off and on (which can drive you nuts while you try to measure or paint). Sunday, Jay and Big Daddy (my dad) spent the morning measuring and cutting the walls for the room. I think these are really neato because they are dry erase from top to bottom. Max loves coloring on the walls . . . . I see a problem . . . this could be a bad habit, couldn't it? I explained to him that these were "special markers and a special wall". So know he asks me if crayons or other markers are "the special ones?" The wall installation is not complete yet . . . it has been a real adventure due to the point that the boards for the walls are 4ft by 8ft and the door to the little room is 3ft. See the adventure? Well, we are still working on that.
That didn't end up too quick, but it catches everyone up on where we are this week. I worked on my computer yesterday to try and speed it up. I have been putting off updating the blog because we slowed our computer tremendously(whose brain is almost full, only 15% left free) when we installed Skype, AIM, camera, etc. to see and talk to the Coopers. But the snail pace was for a very warranted reason . . . but it needed to be fixed. With Big Daddy's help, it is now moving at a . . . um . . . fast turtle pace. I think it is a little better, so I'll try not to skip out on blogging life here on Wembley Court. Hope to hear from you all soon!!! Where are you at!???

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