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Sunset on my Little Guy

This weekend we also had the Servpro Family Picnic. I snapped this great photo of my one and only as the sun set. By the time he was done at the water's edge he was only wet up to his mid calves, no big deal right? Did I mention it was cold fall weather?

26 Weeks

October 25, 2009

26 weeks and counting . . . . .

Birthday Weekend

October 25, 2009

This weekend we celebrated three VIP birthdays: Jay, Josh, and Jon. We enjoyed Thursday night at BBWs for Jay's day. He was surprised with a Twilight DVD and tix for the new release "New Moon" in November. I love gifts that I also benefit from! Mom and Dad caught him off guard with Wii's Mario Cart. Max was excited to get home and play with that Daddy present. Friday night we traveled to see my brothers, Josh and Jon. Holly planned a surprise dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and then an evening of bowling. It was quality time well spent with the lil bros. Max now loves to bowl and then play in the arcade. (Especially when all the guys are giving him quarters and tickets!) We ended the weekend with birthday dinner at Mom and Dad's with Bull and Nanny and Pa and Nanny. Dad grilled up some awesome Terry's steaks and Mom made all the fixins with a homemade cake. It was YUM YUM!

Pumpkin Patch

October 18, 2009

Jay's Early Birthday

October 17, 2009

We started celebrating Jay's birthday a little early this year. No one in my house likes surprises or secrets, so we tend to give them early instead of keeping them. Max and I went birthday shopping for Daddy on Thursday morning. So by the time Jay went back to work from being home at lunch, he already knew 2 of his 5 presents. Aren't 3 yr olds wonderful! Max begged Thursday night to give Daddy his gift, but I held him off until Friday. Jay opened Max's remote control car that Max picked out on Friday. Max also got him a new DVD player for the bonus room. (Max broke that one and has been "needing" a new one. We thought Daddy's birthday was the perfect time!) Then Saturday the Kelley family all went to dinner and celebrated Jay's birthday at Red Lobster. He got some cold hard cash and then 2 more of mine and Max's gifts. We shocked him with the iTouch that I swore I wasn't buying. HA HA HA. I surprised Jay! I never do that and Max kept it a secret. Probably because he didn't know what it was, but that besides the point right? Now he has one gift left and has to wait until his birthday to get it. And I'm not telling . . . .

Joe's Fish Fry

October 10, 2009

After the birthday party, we headed out to Papa Joe's for a fish fry. (Josie's dad's house) We hung out there with friends and family until we were too tired to stay any longer. Max enjoyed hunting for acorns, playing with Joe's boxers (Daisy and Brutus) and Jon's Homer, and roasting marshmallows with me. Check out Joe's boyscout bond fire. It was really impressive!

Trace and Ashton's Birthdays

October 10, 2009

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Friday Night Bowling

October 9, 2009

Friday night the Kelley family adventured out to the bowling lanes with all 5 kidos. We got the bumpers set up in the gutters and the kids went wild. Max had never been bowling, so he was a real sight to see. The lightest ball we found was 7 lbs. He struggled to carry it up and literally drop it down the lane each time. He loved it and had lots of fun with his cousins. The adults also played a few fun rounds. I had to give it up after a few frames . . . the combination of my belly and my swing were not pretty. I was doing more work staying on my feet rather than bowling. We only had one fatality as Jay's Mom threw the ball backwards towards us instead of down the lane. That was a very funny moment. Max ended the night staying at Tristan and Kayla's house. Tristan is his "best friend cousin" as he calls him. He loves to go out there to spend the night.
October 7, 2009

Whew . . . the secrets are over . . . and now it is free knowledge about all the spring babies. I've been holding the precious news for too long and I am now excited to announce . . . .
Amanda and Clay are expecting #3! Yea! Carter and Emerson's little bro or sis is expected to arrive in late April. Amanda was here over the weekend for a wedding and got to tell the families of the good news. Max calls it as a Baby Coop with a hair bow! We will have to wait and see if he is right. Amanda is 12 weeks.
Gindy and Scott and also finally expecting their FIRST bundle of poop, spit up, and (oh I forgot JOY!). Just Kidding! I am thrilled that Ginnnndy (as Max says a very long n) is going to have a babe of her own, well and Scott's too. Little Woodward is due to show up the end of May. Gindy is 7 weeks. Max is calling that Sadie will have a sister. I don't know if he is just stuck on girls right now or what, but he says this little one is a girl too! Yea! Sounds like a cheer squad in the making . . . Baby Coop #3, Baby Woodward #1, Mary Kate . . . . Class of 2028! Yikes! More names to add to the Class roster of 2028 are Baby Clifton #2, Baby Grant Gillespie #1, Baby Freeman#3, Baby Hibbard #2, and most recently announced Baby Slusher #2. Let me know if I am not up to date on others for 2028!! Wow that date hurts . . . are we getting old?
Our most recent ultrasound done today! She measures to weigh 1 lb 5 oz as of now.

Disney on ICE

October 1, 2009

Thursday we took Max and Kirkland (his best friend and our neighbor) to see Disney on Ice. They had lots of fun with plent of Whoa moments. We all enjoyed lots of cotton candy and funnel cake. Max's favorite part was the Toy Story characters. He loves Buzz and Woody.

Go Flames