Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Girly Girl

June 25, 2014

MaryKate is so much fun.  She is a girly girl that loves dresses and makeup.  She enjoys accessorizing with jewelery, purses, bows, and shoes.  She is a joy to have in our lives.

Baby Liam is Here

June 24, 2014

Liam Dennis Johnson

Chance and Amanda's baby boy was born today!  We have waited a long time for this little one as we tried to keep him in.  Liam has been trying to make his debut since March when he put his Mommy on bedrest.  It seemed like Amanda had a great delivery and everyone is healthy.  She is so glad to finally be off bedrest!!  

First Long Hollow Camp

June 23, 2014

Max left this morning for his first overnight camp.  He went with our church and will be gone until Wednesday.  It is only 2 nights, but that's a LONG time for this Mommy.  I am confident he will have a blast.  I am also a little more relaxed because my BFF Amanda is there as a girls' counselor.  She will let me know if anything comes up.  He was so brave this morning as I kissed him good bye.  He never wavered with that beautiful smile.  I pray that God will continue molding and shaping his little heart.  He is growing leaps and bounds right now and I am thrilled to know that God is at the center of it.  I hope he meets lots of new friends with similar foundations.   He can connect and grow with them in the church for many years to come.  This is only the beginning.

Max's Birthday #8

June 22, 1014

Since Max will be at Church Camp on his birthday we partied today with our families.  Jay grilled burgers and dogs and everyone came over to play.  The kids enjoyed to kiddie pool and trampoline while the adults enjoyed each other's company.  God has truly blessed us with a superb circle of family and friends.  I am not going to elaborate on the fact that he is EIGHT.  I just can't believe he is already that old.  Time flies.

Playing All-Stars

June 21, 2014

Baseball All-Stars was loads of fun this summer.  I am once again infected with the love of baseball.  I had forgotten what it felt like not so long ago when Jay played American Legion ball.  All those feelings and excitement resurfaced over the past three weeks during Max's first All-Star games.  I know he is only seven and we have many years to go, but I look forward to them with great anticipation.  There is just nothing like being at the ballpark in the summer.  Way to Go Boys!

The little sisters enjoyed bring bags of stuff to entertain each other.  They were all so good at sharing, doing makeup, coloring, and all other girly things!

Father's Day

June 15, 2014

We celebrated Father's Day this year on the boat.  The water was still chilly, but that didn't slow the kids down.  Jon, Josie, and Jace also came out with us and Bebe and Big Daddy.  It was a boat full for a sunny day on the lake.  I am so thankful for all the fathers in my life.  As I have grown I have acquired additional fathers.  My Dad, My Father in Law, and My Husband are all exceptional fathers to honor today.

Nashville Triathlon

June 14, 2014

This morning Max began his Triathlon season with the Nashville Kids Tri.  He was pumped to start his first race of the year.  It was fun to start the year with the entire Parsons Clan there to cheer him on.  He completed the race like a beast and took home a 3rd Place.  He was happy to place this year, but it challenged him for the rest of the season.  The first place top of the podium is his goal for the summer.  I look forward to training with him as he reaches for this goal.  

Go Flames