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Dinosaur Party

Happy 4th Birthday

Max's Greatgrandparents:  Bull, Nanny Margaret, Pa, and Nanny

mKate and Nanny Margaret

Tristan, Max, and Kayla

Spencer, Emma, Baylor, Max, and Kirkland

Talan and Sarah

The Dino Dig in the sandbox
Ryan, Spencer, Quinton, and Austin

Make a Wish!

Jay and Max

Opening presents

Kirkland and Jessica

Whewee, Max is rich!

I can't believe my baby is growing up!
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5 Months

Mary Kate turned FIVE months old today. We celebrated this milestone with another milestone . . . cereal. mKate enjoyed her first rice cereal Monday night and tonight. She seems to really like it. When I approached her with the first spoonful, she grabbed my hand with the spoon and shoved it in her mouth. Bebe says mKate was thinking, "Thank goodness you finally decided to feed me some real food!" I'm not so sure about that, but she ate from the spoon like a pro. She did so well that I asked Max if she had been eating from a spoon at Mama Nora's house. He just cackled and said, "No Mommy, she eats from a bottle there." She was still messy, but loved licking her hands and lips to get every bite.

Panama City Beach

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Mary Kate and Jessica

Max and Tristan

Putt Putt:  Aunt Shannon, Pawpaw, and Max

Max saving Jess from the alligator
Ty, Tristan, and Shannon

Pawpaw and Grandma

Naptime sweet girl

Trace, Mary Kate, and Pawpaw

Uncle Lee and Max

Kelley Men

Kelley Girls

Kayla the Pirate

Trace and Kayla

Kelley Kids

My little Buddy!

Shannon, Kayla, and Tristan

Parasailing Max and Jay

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May 5, 1999 - June 11, 2010

Posted by Picasa June 11, 2010

Well, hummm, obviously from the post title you all know what happened today.  And as I write this I am listening to our current first blog song.  It is so appropriate tonight.  Out world has been shook and our hearts are broken, but I am finally at peace after a very long day.  I still hurt, I am still crying, and probably will be for a while.  We were blessed to be given 11 fabulous years with our little "kicker boy" before he went home.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks.  Kix went through a lot with us.  He was my snuggler long before God gave me my wonderful children to hold.  He gave me sloppy kisses when Jay's kisses were far away in Virginia.  He then made the big move with me and lived the crazy schedule of Liberty football, nursing school, and cheerleading.  He was thrilled when we moved back and he could play with his buddies Bruce and Alley again.  Now in recent years he has become Max's best friend.  We will get through this and Max will carry on.  He just hurts tonight because he has never experienced a hurt like this.  This is his first death of any sort.  As much as losing Kix hurts me, it crushes me to watch Max cry out to him about how much he misses and loves him.  I could blog all night about Kix, but I guess I need to wrap it up and go to bed so Jay can hold me like he always does when I am hurting.  God gave me the greatest best friend to become my husband, two beautiful children, and 11 years with a four legged child.  Thank you.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Kix's life and especially thank you to all of you whole traveled this road with us today.  You have "held us" and helped us get through the day.  We love you all and just remember now Kix can play ball all day and all night to his little heart's delight. 

Hair Did

June 2, 2010

Kayla and I spent the day together at the salon on Wednesday. She has been wanting to get her hair cut like mine so I made her an appt with me. I was also getting my hair colored so Kayla and I decided she needed some color. Hahahaha! We made a game plan and asked her Daddy if we could color her hair. Of course, he didn't care and we decided it was going to be a "surprise" for her Mom. Giggle! Well, I chickened out on the whole "surprise Mommy" plan and secretly talked the Shannon. I decided I now had a little girl in this chess game and pay backs could be REALLY BAD. Shannon agreed to play along and warned me to be good. Hahahahaha. Well, we got to the salon and first had to pick Kayla's color from the selection below. LOL! No surprise, she picked her favorite color . . . blue! She got the whole experience of bleaching the area first, sitting under the dryer to set it, washing in the salon sink, painting the color on with papers in her hair, under the dryer again, washing again, and finally the cut and style. We cut it from below her shoulders to her chin and it looks GREAT! The blue area is around her left ear so that it can easily be hidden if needed. Although, Shannon said on Thursday she had to wear a barrette to hold up her other hair so the blue could be easily seen. Giggle! We had so much fun! I laughed at her because she had never done the salon thing. When Debbie, our stylist, took a large round brush to dry and style her hair, she jumped and said "what is that!?" We all cackled and said, "A brush, Kay-la!" She is such a cutie, and now our hair styles match exactly except for the fact I am just blond (or yellow as Max says) and she is BLUE!

Memorial Day BBQ

May 29, 2010
Dad's annual BBQ was this past weekend during the Memorial Day Holiday. We had a great couple of days filled with family and great food. Dad cooked on his pit all weekend. We started Thursday night by "rubbing butt" as we spiced up all the shoulders and butts to be cooked on the pit. After all the rubs were on, we feasted on some great steaks cooked by Daddy Mike. Then Dad put the first meat on the pit Friday morning and cooked continuously until Sunday night. We mixed up all the sauces on Friday night following a great meal of pit cooked ribs and pulled pork. Finally Saturday was here and we all ate the scrumptious BBQ chicken with all the fixins'. We had a smaller turn out this year for the reunion, but it didn't damper our spirit of eating. We spent memorable quality time at the tree house laughing and telling stories. Sunday we finished by pulling and chopping up the shoulders. It was lots of work, but tons of fun! Max enjoyed the weekend by playing in the tree house and in the creek. It really reminded me of my fabulous childhood in the backyard. I look forward to watching both of them grow up playing there!

Go Flames