Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Out of Space

October 9, 2010

Ok guys and gals, I have hit the wall.  I have reached the mark. . . . . I have successfully used up all of Blogger / Google's free space to blog.  I had to purchase more space last night and wait for it to hit my blog before I could continue.  Can you believe it?  When I started blogging three years ago I figured you couldn't ever use it all up.  I guess all free things run out.  So we will continue on with a new subscription to space as google calls it.  I enjoy my blog and the ability it gives me to record my family and our journey together in life.  I especially LOVE how I have now began the adventure of printing my blog on a yearly basis.  It is kind of my new way to scrapbook "us."  Once Max started crawling I found it difficult to pull out my closet worth of scrapbooking material.  He wanted in it all.  I also couldn't bring myself to drop him off with the babysitter to come home and scrapbook.  It felt like the two collided. . . .take him to someone else to care and make memories with while I was alone scrapbooking other memories.  So scrapbooking lacked while I struggled to figure out a balance.  Then our dearest friends began their calling as missionaries at a college campus in Mexico.  Amanda came up with the brilliant idea they we could all blog to keep up with each other's daily life.  So blogging I began and now I continue as it has answered my dilemma of recording our life.  I can quickly download pictures and type up thoughts of the day while the kids nap.  I don't have to worry or be stressed about paper, scissors, markers, and stickers.  I do miss those days because I love to be crafty, but for now this fits.  Sometimes I will slack and play catch up with blogging multiple events at a time, but it eventually gets done.  Well, that is my story and now I have to get back to making use of my yearly subscription to "space."  Ha!  Hope you enjoy and much as I do!

Disney on Ice

October 7, 2011
What a night!!  Thursday a group of thirteen of us dared to the crowds and took our kid-os to Disney on Ice.  We had a great time and saw a fabulous show.  The kids deserve to be bragged on because they were all so well behaved.  I don't think we had any big fits, melt downs, or fights.  (We might of had a close moment or two, but none that stick out in my mind.)  We started the night by meeting at Chick Fil A for dinner and playtime.  Then we headed downtown and over to the show.  The show was great, but wathcing our kids faces was the best part.  Our crew included (From L-R in the kid picture)  Jack with his mom Abby, Kerrigan with her mom Gindy, Emerson with her mom Amanda, Max with his dad Jay, Mary Kate and I, and Carter with his dad Clay.  Once inside we met up with Brandi and Madelyn.

Amanda and Emerson shared a funnel cake
Brandi and Madelyn  shared some cotton candy
Abby and Jack are focused on the show
Mary Kate wanted to dance
Carter, Max, and Emerson were trying out their Wal-Mart version light ups that we brought along.
Kerrigan buddied up with Abby to watch the show
Carter was loving his cotton candy
Emerson preferred the crown over the cotton candy
Then Kerrigan took her turn in the crown.  She didn't know what to think!
I love my snuggle buddy, Max
The Finding Nemo characters, Dory, Nemo, and Bruce
Max and Jay checking out the characters
At the end of the show all the characters came out to say good-bye.

First Preds Game

October 1, 2011
Jay got a SWWEEEETTT offer this week at work and come home with four tickets to the Predators game on Saturday night. Our seats were incredible!  We were going to sit on the first row behind the glass and the bench.  Awesome!   We chose not to tell the kids and take  them for a night of surprises.  We started off going to Barnes and Noble to pick up some birthday gifts.  Max loves this store.  He calls it "the library" and enjoys checking out all the books and goodies in the kids section.  Next we headed over  to Toys R Us to find his Halloween costume.  He is going to be Captain America and we needed to find an affordable shield.  We found it, and again he was pumped and unsure of what else we had up our sleeves.  We then went on downtown and parked on top of a parking garage to get a great view of the city.  Max and Mary Kate were impressed with the view.  Once down on street level we went to Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  I had called ahead to get seats in the trolley car.  You can see how excited Mary Kate was about the car and window with people below.
As we walked across town Max wanted to check out the "Batman Building" where Pawpaw used to work.  No, he hasn't retired, he is just working in an office closer to home.  Max is very proud that is Pawpaw works for this building.  I was able to snap this great photo while he was boasting about Pawpaw.  He was also getting very excited about where we were going.  He still had no idea and really no guesses.  It is so cute how innocent kids really are . . . while eating dinner he kept talking about all the Preds fans in the restaurant.  Then as we got closer to the arena and the streets were packed with blue and yellow, he again talked about how many fans were there tonight.  He never once verbally considered that we were going to the game too.  AHH!  Being a parent is so much fun!

We gave Max his ticket as we headed into the arena and he still didn't get it.  Too funny.  Finally we told him to look around at all the people and look at his ticket.  He grinned really BIG and said, "Are we going to the Preds game?"  So cute.  Then he was definitely pumped  when he saw our seats.  He was right there in the middle of the action.  The players slapped his hands and they came in and out of the locker room tunnel.  After warm-ups one of them handed him a puck with the Pred symbol on it.  He was so proud that is was "WET, Mommy, they were using this one!"  If there wasn't glass we could have literally touched the players.  They even made eye contact with us as they came in and out.  Mary Kate loved the music and all the action.  She stood on my lap and bounced up and down clapping most of the night.

Beautiful picture of his gorgeous grin as the team headed into overtime.  Thank you, thank you for a night we will never forget, especially our little man Max.  He is a total Preds Fan now.

Trace & Ashton's Party

September 30, 2011
Friday night we celebrated our nephews' birthdays at Monkey Joe's.  In October, Trace will be turning 10 and Ashton 8.  Where does time go?  The kids all bounced the night away at the local slide and bounce house.  The building is cram packed with bouncy things like slide, houses, and obstacle areas.  They all had a great time running and playing. 

Warrior Dash

September 17, 2011
Jay and I recently ran our first obstacle course.  The "Warrior Dash"  was held nearby and a group of us decided to attempt it.  I think our group ended up with 12 members.  The Warrior Dash was a 3.5 mile run through farmland with 12 obstacles.  We climbed walls with ropes, crawled over hay piles, crossed over cargo nets, ran through tires, over cars, slide down fireman poles, jumped over fire, and finally swam through mud. It was SO MUCH FUN!  I am so glad we did it and can't wait to do another one.  My brothers decided to run the course in costume as you can see in the below pictures.  They caught alot of eyes in their cut off daisy duke shorts.

Jon painting on Josh's mustache
Jay, Jess, Josie, Jon, and Josh
The brave eleven:  Amanda, Chance, Ryan, Jess, Jay, Barb, Leigh Anne, Scott, Josie, Jon, & Josh

Barb climbing the first wall
Up and over the cargo nets
Swimming through the mud
Jay and I after the race.  Yay!! We did it!
The dirty eleven!
After the race, we all headed over to Amanda and Chance house to watch the UT game, eat,  and hang out.  Logan was loving all the attention he was getting while playing in the floor.  Mean while Aubrey and Brycen were getting a little close while drawing with side walk chalk outside.  Later in the night we found out that Aubrey is going to be a big sister.  YAY!  Leigh Anne and Scott!!  I can't wait to meet Little Baby Weaver.  Finally, as the night was drawing to a close, I got a picture of several of the kids on the couch.  Too cute.  What a great way to end a fabulous day! 

Soccer Games

pics and post to come . . .

Bradyn's 4th Birthday

September 10, 2011
Saturday after our soccer games we celebrated Bradyn style.  He turns 4yrs old on the 11th and this weekend he had a slip and slide party.  Max had loads of fun flying down into the water. 
 Mary Kate and Kerrigan didn't enjoy the slide too much.  After a few tosses down by their Daddys, they were both over it.  They prefered  to be inside sampling the food.  Gindy and I tried and tried to get a picture of them both smiling . . . . finally we gave up.  I will just post two separate pictures.  We all had a great day at Bradyn's Party.

Go Flames