Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Halloween Day

October 31, 2011
 Posing on the rock in Bebe and Big Daddy's front yard.
 Super muscles with Aunt Holly and Unk P
 Our little ducky . . . or as she would say "uck"
 Max's class trick or treated with the other classrooms at school.  Avery Conger is a cutie Pocahontaus.
 Bebe and our "uck"

Max's classmates:  Hannah Dyer, Hayden Holleman, Mario, and Max

 Trick or Treating on the square we ran into lots of familiar faces.  Bella Stringer was very interested in the candy as she slept in her stoller.
 Sawyer Cooper was a pretty princess.
 Max and Brayden Stringer

Kerrigan Woodward and Mary Kate were excited to see each other.  Mary Kate was very interested in checking out her candy bag.

 After the trick or treating on the square we ate lunch with Daddy, Grandma and Pawpaw.  Then we went back to Max's class for his party. 
 Ms Teresa had a plate set out for Mary Kate to join the party.  She was so excited to be a big girl!

After Max's party we can home and crashed for naps until Daddy got home.  Then we got dressed up again and headed out to the neighborhood.  We love trick or treating  with our friends.  Jon Webb, Spencer Miller, Mary Kate, Quinton Miller, Max Kelley, and Miss Kirkland Miller
 Best Buds:  Kirkland and Max
 Baby had to go with Mary Kate in the wagon.  She even shared her Nerds with Baby.

 What a LONG but FABULOUS day!!

October's Project

Max is in his last year of preschool before the Big K next year.  Last year I loved going to his classroom parties and getting involved with his class.  When school started this fall I decided to I wanted to get more involved.  I prayed about a way to work with his class and then it hit me . . duh . . arts and crafts.  I throughly enjoy artsie fartsie stuff and so does Max, so why not take it to his class.  Max and I talked to his teacher and she was completely on board and thus October's project day was born.  As you can see in the pictures, Max was thrilled to take me to school and work in his class.  I planned a handprint project and the kids did really well working with me.  They all followed directions and made bats with lots of Halloween stickers.  Once the project was completed, Ms Teresa let the kids show me some of their classroom songs.  I uploaded the videos for you to enjoy.  I am so thankful to be able to participate in Max's life.  He is growing up so fast and this calls me to be involved all aspects of shaping his life.  I believe that learning about his friends and being in his class helps us all to understand this beginning of a  journey called school.  I cannot wait until November's turkeys . . . .

Last Game

October 29, 2010

Jay's Birthday

October 22, 2011
Jay's thirty-first birthday was welcomed in with a family birthday dinner at our house.  Everyone enjoyed a big meal followed by cake and ice cream.  Max was very proud of the cake since he helped me make it that morning.  He loves to help in the kitchen. 

On Saturday night I had a long overdue surprise for Jay.  In July, I purchased tickets to the Broadway Show of Wicked.  I had taunted Jay with the secret for months and could not wait to share it with him.  I told him we had to dress up and that the kids were staying at my parents' house for the night.  I think he was excited, but still clueless.  Mom snapped a good picture of us as we dropped off the kids.  As we went to eat dinner I gave Jay his ticket for the show.  He was impressed, surprised, and very pleased with his gift.  The show was fabulous!  We have been to lots of stuff over our few years together, but we both agreed that Wicked now ranks up at the top.  Happy Birthday, Babe!

Soccer Game

October 15, 2011
Max is racking up the dollars this year from Big Daddy. 
Each goal scored = One Dollar

Honeysuckle Pumpkins

October 8, 2011
We continued our annual journeys to the pumpkin patch this year.  We had a great day and beautiful weather.  Max looks forward to the trip each year and always starts asking about the patch when fall decorations appear.  Last year Mary Kate didn't care too much about the festivities, but this year she was just as excited as Bubby.  She didn't know where we were going, but she was bouncing off the walls just because her brother was thrilled.  We had an unexpected blessing when we arrived at the patch; several of our friends were there for the day.  max loved seeing his buddies and playing with them on the many areas of the farm.

As always, it takes Mary Kate a little while to warm up when she is thrust into a new environment.  She was not ready to smile when I started snapping pictures upon arrival to the front gate.  Once we ventured through the corn maze into the pumpkins, she quickly perked up.  Max is always so impressed with the field of pumpkins.

Jay took the kids on the pedal carts around the track.  They kicked up a lot of dust!
Max always enjoys the "corn popper" to bounce.  It is a huge piece of vinyl that has it's edges secured under the sand and an air blower stuck under the edge.  The air keeps the "popper" inflated and up in the air.  Then the kids take turns bouncing on it like a bounce house. 

One of this year's new additions to the farm was the Mining Camp.  Max has never mined for gemstones so his Daddy was an easy "sure" when he asked.  Jay purchased our bag of dirt and we all got set up.  Max was impressed with all the gems he found in his bag as the water ran over the dirt.  He bagged them up and we continue to go through them at home with the identification card.

After lunch, we spent some time in the giant corn box (no sandbox, just corn).  Max loves rolling around in the corn, but it was a little much for Mary Kate.  She immediately began crying and reaching for me when Jay took her in the box.

The kids look so big in the picture of the hay ride.  Again, Mary Kate is not so sure and refusing to smile, but Max is all about it.  Finally, I got a little smile when Daddy held Mary Kate safe and tight on the ride.

Towards the end of the day, we visited all the farm animals down the hill.  Mary Kate lit up once we entered the animal area.  She was laughing and hollering at the animals.  Each time one approached the fence she giggled and tried to reach them for a quick pet.  I think the funniest part of the day was at the chicken coop.  Mary Kate shoe lace was coming loose and the chicken noticed.  It craned its neck through the wire and grabbed hold.  Kate laughed and cackled at the chicken.  She then started putting her foot up to the fence so the chicken would snatch it again.  Of course, Max picked up on the excitement and untied his shoe to participate in the fun.  Wow, it was another great day filled with fun and laughter.  I can't decided who looks forward to the pumpkin patch more . . the kids . . . or me! 

Go Flames