Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Girl Weekend

March 29, 2009

This weekend I joined in on a girls' weekend to Ohio. Jay's cousin is getting married in April and we were invited to a Bridal Brunch this past Saturday. Jay's mom, Sister, our niece, Kayla, and I headed out on Friday for a weekend away. I was not excited about going because it was my first time away from Max, but I survived and had a good time. Although, I was definitely ready to come home Sunday to hold my boys. While there we did some good shopping, eating, and visiting. Kayla spent the weekend attached to my hip. We dried her hair and curled it like mine, painted our nails, wore make up, and ditched the frilly socks that Grandma and Shannon had picked out for her to wear (it is not 1988, anymore). Jay's cousin took time to hang out with us. I don't think I had ever met his cousin so it was nice to get to know her. She is a few yrs younger than us, but she is an RN also and just finished up her NP licensing. So we had alot in common to talk about. I look forward to heading back that way for the wedding . . .this time with my guys! Life just isn't right without them.

While I was gone, it was reported that Max had a terrific day at swimming. He got to use flippers for the first time and they enabled him to swim all the way across the pool. Jay and Max were so excited when they called to tell me. He loved it and felt very accomplished. He did so well, that he was allowed to move up to the next class when the new session starts in May. Yea!! It is a big boy class of 3 yr olds and Mommy and Daddy won't have to ( I mean be able to) get in the pool with him. Big Yea!!

60th Birthday Party

March 23, 2009

Today was Mr. Chris's (aka Jay's dad, Pawpaw) 60th Birthday. We celebrated in many ways. Jay and I contacted many friends and family last week to let them in on the festivities. We asked that they each send birthday cards to him in the mail. We hoped he would top out at 60 cards. We came close with 53. It was hilarous to listen to him as they all started flood his mailbox late in the week. Then he made us sit and open them one at a time to enjoy them as a family. Happy 60th! Sunday night, Max, Jay, and I made a sign to wish him Happy Birthday. We took it to Bellsouth, I mean AT&T, and hung it on the fence where he parks. Little did we know that he had taken the week off. Whoops! Lee and Mrs. Kelley figured out a way to get him up there to enjoy it. Finally we finished the day with dinner at our house. I made his favorite . . . Pork Tenderloin with all the fixins and a homemade cake that Max sprinkled. We all had lots of fun due to Pawpaw's old age. Thanks!

Jess and Max after hanging the sign
Happy Birthday to You!
Kayla and Tristan loving on each other!


March 20, 21, 22, 2009

a friday off . . . wahoooo . . .clean house . . . .renewed from sickness . . . . birthday cards . . .outdoors . . . .off to Target with Gindy . . .very early . . . lunch with Unk P at Strouds . . . wish he was around more . . .warm weather . . . got wood? . . . Spencer's help getting logs . . . Izzy & Q sitting in a tree . . .homemade chicken nuggets . . .Kirkland . . .What Would Riggins Do? . . . .the Millers . . .Pomagrante & Lime . . .Go Panther Football . . . Kara's shower with friends . . . can't wait to meet Austin . . . Kara's misunderstanding that almost was but isn't . . . .Swimming Day uhh 11 I think now .. . . Dad did it alone . . . they both say he did great . . . no tears no fits . . .something about getting birthday cards in the mail . . . first day of soccer . . .goals . . . Class Reunion Meeting . . . need checks in the mail . . . need addresses to ask for checks . . .lots of decisions . . . great afternoon with old friends . . . Opry Mills as a group . . .wild kidos . . . their faces on the $3, I mean $5 ride . .good deals in Children's Place . . . german roasted nuts . . .love the deck . . .pretty stars . . .whoa . . .up and out early for service . . .good lessons . . .Max's grass, God made the grass . . .lunch at El Chico . . shopping again . . . still no luck . . .more wonderful weather . . .mowing . . . listening to music . . . OJ . . . calming . . .need more ice . . .sun . . .red chest . . .texting on the deck . . .Where's Max . . .not so calm . . . Max in a red t-shirt your Daddy is waiting . . . turkey burgers all except Q's . . . . potatoes? where's the potatoes . . .BBall . . .Pawpaw's 60th sign . . . .I love WEEKENDS! . . .

Sick Days

March 19, 2009

My buttercups are blooming!! My favorite flower!!Whew! It has been a long week in this house. Monday evening my sore throat all of a sudden spiked a fever. Uh-Oh! Yea. Then during the night I got to a point of thinking I was going to die every time I swallowed. When I crawled out of bed Tuesday morning and took a look . . . whoa . . . I could not see the back of my throat due to the HUGE swollen hangie ball (or uvula) and my tonsils. I was shivering from a fever and practically in tears. I drug myself into the shower so that when the doctor's office opened at 8 o'clock I would be ready. When they opened they couldn't see me until 1pm. So I got back in bed and that is where Jay found me when he came home at lunch. Where was Max? Oh, he was here . . .somewhere. I vaguely remember he telling me that him and Kix were eating slices of cheese for breakfast and that he wanted me to feel better. That's about it! I know, I know, Mom of the Year, right here. At that point, Jay decided that he was staying home the rest of the day to take care of everyone. He took me to the doctor . . . which was horrible . . . they swabbed my throat . . . I know it is protocol, but I am dying here from pain and you want to rub on it with a cotton swab. After that torture I laid on the table in the office crying like a baby wishing I was in labor instead of this killer throat thing called ---->STREP! I got liquid antibiotics because I couldn't swallow pills and liquid codeine for pain. Jay then took us to Sonic for "snow cones" as Max calls them. Jay knows the way to my heart is definitely my mouth! I whimpered with each swallow, but the ice kind of felt good. We then got home and I passed out for like a 36 hr period. I spoke with friends and family checking on me . . . but . . . well, I hope I was appropriate. . . .if not, I am sorry. Now it is Thursday afternoon and I have had my first real meal . . .yea Wendy's #1 without grimacing with each swallow. I think I am going to live. Here are some pics I snagged of little man last night. He has started sneaking into our room after we put him to bed. We are in the living room watching TV and usually don't know it until we go to bed a few hrs later. We caught him last night so I clicked a few pics. He makes me smile even at my worst!

First Time Home Buyers

March 14, 2009

Jon & Josie bought a house this week. Yea! We are so excited for them. They don't close on it until the first of April, but the realtor let us all have a peek this afternoon. It is really nice. They are going to be so happy! It is in Murfreesboro not far from where they live now. They even have a fenced in back yard for Homer to play. We are very proud of you two!!

Swimming Day 10

March 14, 2009

No! He is not drowning, he is swimming!! He had a fabulous class today with NO TEARS and NO FITS!

Kelley Fam Birthday Dinner

March 10, 2009 PM

Tonight we celebrated two events in the Kelley Family: Shannon & Ty's 8th Anniversary and my Birthday. We went to Carrabba's to eat for our party. I think we all ate way too much, but it was oh so good. Thanks for a terrific evening!

Afternoon Birthday Fun

March 10, 2009

Max and Jay took me to "feed the ducks" this afternoon as part of our birthday celebrating. We had lots of fun. We took Max to "feed the ducks" last summer and he is now afraid of the ducks. Last year I thought it would be cool to let one of the geese eat from my hand and that got Max all upset. He hasn't feed them himself since that day. He enjoys watching us feed them. Today Jay had the seaguls (or creek-guls, I guess when you are at Drakes Creek) swooping in and catching the bread in midair. That was neat - o. Lots of bread later, we headed over to the Kid's Kingdom to play. Max had a really good time and got really tired. He didn't even get upset when it was time to go. I had a wonderful birthday with all my family and friends but especially with my two boys. They really treat me like a Queen. I think that they must have sang "Happy Birthday Mommy" 3 dozen times today. Thank you! I love you LOTS!

Feliz Cumpleanos

March 10, 2009

I got extra special birthday wishes straight from Mexico today. It appeared at my doorstep with the help of Brown's Florist. The arrangement was accompanied with an earlier phone call with Carter and Emerson singing "Happy Birthday" at the top of their lungs with Clay and Amanda's help. Thanks guys, love ya!

Parsons 3-9 & 3-10 Birthdays

March 8, 2009

Tonight we celebrated Big Daddy's and my birthday at my parent's house. Mom fixed a feast of mashed potatoes with cheese, green beans, mac n cheese (by Jay), corn on the cob, grilled bbq pork chops (by Dad), cornbread & rolls, and of course fruit tea! It was so gooood. Then we topped it all off with a homemade cake by Mom. (Those are really rare these days, but we love it when we get one!) JP & Holly and Jon & Josie both got to make it home for the big event. Max taught them how he rides the back driveway hill on his big wheel and how to kick the soccer ball. It was a wonderful night of family time. I love it when we get to all be together. When I say all I mean it, we now collectively have 5 dogs when we are all home. Thanks for a spectacular evening.

Swimming Day 9

March 7, 2009

This is how we do it! Max had a better day today at swim school. Although . . . he has figured out the system. . . aprox 5 min into class he claims he "need to go poop". Well, he just went to the bathroom prior to entering the pool, but I motion to Jay and he comes in and takes him. Max sits on the pot for aprox 12 min of his 30 min class and hummm still can't go. Jay brings him back to the pool. Then his teacher tells me to stay for the first portion of the next class so that Max learns he is not escaping swim class. He went on to have a decent class. Yes, he still pitched a few fits, but those are a part of his everyday life now, so . . .

All in a Name

March 1, 2009

Jay helped me finish up my photo project this weekend. We got some molding pieces and then Mr. Chris cut it for me so that the angles would me right. Then Jay and I nailed them to the walls and now the project is complete. I have colorful 'whoville' painted frames, pictures that spell his name with objects dear to him, and then wood white borders to set the pictures. I am very pleased with the outcome. Max likes them too, I think, as least he shows it to anyone that comes in the house. So? What do you think?

Go Flames