Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

This Fall's 1st Soccer Game

September 10, 2011
Soccer season has started and the Burgundy team began the year with a WIN!  Yay!  Jay and Jason have done a tremendous job shaping up the team and teaching them how the game is played.  I am not sure what the ending score was, but my elated son will quickly tell you that he scored SEVEN goals.  Woowee, that cost Big Daddy seven dollars.  Max was really excited and is already talking about next week's practice and game.
Drew, Drew, Nicholas, and Max protecting the goal
Max giving Jay a chest bump after his first goal of the day
Maddox and Max taking the ball down the field
Look at that boy go!
Mary Kate cheerleading on Big Daddy's shoulders!  Go Max!

Labor Day

September 4, 2011
This past weekend was Labor Day and Jay's parents had a Kelley family reunion at their house.  It was splendid because all of Mr. Chris's brothers and sisters were able to come.  They live in Kentucky and Alabama, but they all made the trip for a weekend visit.  Some came with just their spouse or alone and some came with their kids.  We had a nice Saturday at the pool with an awesome dinner.  Then on Sunday it rained, but that was also nice to be able to relax.  The storms caused us to all sit around in the house or garage and talk.  It was wonderful to catch up on everyone and talk about each other's lives.
The Kelley Brothers and Sisters
Mary Kate swimming with her baby in her own float.  Thanks Uncle Lee!!

A Day with Jack

September 1, 2011
This week we were blessed to be able to spend a day with one of Max's favorite buddies, Jack.  We love spending time with Jack and his family, but today it was just Jack.  His Daddy dropped him at the house on his way to work and his Mommy didn't come get him until late afternoon.  We had a day full of fun.  For breakfast, I made all three of the kids french toast and sausage.  Max and Mary Kate love powered sugar as their topping so I put that on Jack's too.  When I realized he wasn't eating it, I asked him if he would rather have syrup.  He replied, "Yes, ma'am" so I quickly made a new piece and topped it with warm syrup.  He took a bite and chewed and chewed and chewed.  After several minutes of chewing I asked him what was wrong with the toast.  He then informed me that his Daddy didn't allow him to eat french toast.  Trying to hide my grin, I asked him why, he tole me he didn't know, but if his Daddy found out he was going to get in trouble.  I said "Trouble?"  He replied, "Yes, ma'am, Daddy doesn't let me eat french toast.  I am not allowed."  Almost hysterically I told him to quick spit it in the trash and get rid of the plate.  I explained that I didn't know and that I never want him in trouble.  He followed my instructions hurried and we got rid of all evidence of french toast.   Hahaha!  Hilarious!  You have to love preschoolers!  Later the boys both helped me make cookies for a family reunion the upcoming weekend.  They loved rolling the oreo batter for oreo balls.  It was ooeying and gooey and right up their alley.  After we took naps, we all went out to play in the water.  I turned on the big sprinkler and let them go.  They all three jumped, bounced, and ran through the rain.  It is adorable to watch them interact.  Max mothers Jack and then they both mother Mary Kate.  She just follows them any where they explore.  Thank you Abby and Nick for a special day with Jack.  I can't wait until Sully can come over too!

She was exhausted after a day with the boys!

Fall Soccer

August 25, 2011
Yay!  Fall is here and so is soccer.  Again this season, Jay is coaching Max's team of five little boys.  Jay knew at their first practice they had lots of work to do before the first game.  They are really shaping up and learning the rules of the game.  I think it is going to be a good season.  Max asks everyday if it is practice or game day.  He loves soccer . . . . I guess it is in his blood.

August Birthdays

August 21, 2011
We also got to celebrate birthdays this weekend.  Grandma and Shannon both have August birthdays one week apart.  So on Sunday we went as a big group (cause there is no other way, right?) to eat and then back to swim and eat cake.  Yum, Yum!

The Fair . . . again

August 20, 2011
Saturday night we went back to the big fair that is running this week.  This time we headed out with Jay's sister's family and kids, Grandma and Pawpaw again, and Uncle Lee and Aunt Cheri again.  I guess my kidos kind of benefited from everyone else's situations and got to go twice.  Lee and Cheri only had their kids last weekend so we went with them, and then Shannon and Ty don't live here and didn't visit until this weekend so we went again.  Married parents and live in town = bonus for Max and Mary Kate . . . in more ways than they will ever know!  Big Smiles!  Anyways, now that the dynamics are laid out, we had another great evening.  We did get stuck in a 2 hr traffic jam to get across town and parked.  That delayed us a bit, but once in the gates the fun began.   The picture below is all three vehicles in a dry creek.  Too funny!  Pawpaw attempted to take us on short cut to avoid the traffic.  Yea, well it didn't work.  We had all four kids in our car and they went crazy.  "Where is Pawpaw going?  What are we doing."  Ahhh, that is what memories are made of! 

This week we ventured into the petting zoo portion of the fair.  We never made it here last week, but I am so glad we did now.  The kids went crazy petting and seeing all the animals.  Mary Kate thought it was exceptionally funny when the licked her hands.  Max loves being with Tristan and Kayla and hanging out with them. I think Mary Kate loves having another girl around with her.  We had a great time and can't wait to go again next year . . .hopefully twice!

Deck Bubbles

August 7, 2011
Mary Kate has fallen in love with bubbles this summer.  Being the end of summer it took me a few days to find a bubble machine, but when I did . . . . she went crazy for it.  She loves for you to point it into the air so that she can run through them.
I caught this picture of her posing saying "cheee" with he gorgeous grin.  She was also laughing at Molly.
Molly loves to chase them and eat them.

At the Pool

August 2011
The kids and I have spent some precious time at Grandma and Pawpaw's pool this summer.  I try to take them one of the two days I am off during the week.  Then we usually end up over there at some point during the weekend to swim.  As Max says it they are both "brown as a biscuit."  It is no surprise that Max loves his time in the water.  He swims, dives, jumps through ring floats, and any thing else he can dream.  Mary Kate has grown to love the water this year.  At the beginning of the summer she would barely get on the steps by herself.  Now we have to watch her like a hawk because she will jump off the side to no one in particular.  She also loves to take her flower ring float, place it on the step, crawl in it feet first,  and then push off into the middle of the pool.  Once away from the steps she spins in circles and giggles "wwweeeee."  I love it!  I am so thankful to be able to spend this precious time with my little ones.
Mary Kate loves to play in the "rinse off your feet" bucket of water.
Naked baaabbby is getting to swim today with her bottle.
Best Buddies, Max and Tristan
Another set of buddies playing in mKate's pool, Max, Jacob, and Sugar Baby

Go Flames