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Today is One Month

February 22, 2010

Mary Kate is ONE MONTH OLD today. Whoa! Time flies. Below is a picture of her in a new dress she got this weekend and a picture of her and Max today. He was reading his dinosaur book to her while she enjoyed her first time in the bumbo seat. I love my babes!


February 17, 2010
Mommy finally caught my smile with the camera!
Just checking everything out . . . and becoming alert to the world.
I found this scene when I got out of the shower today. It was naptime, and I had left her here on the chair and Max was in his bed. I guess he was too far from her and had to be closer. They slept like this the remainder of the afternoon. Max and his little Sweetheart!
This was her first bath in the tub with Max on Sunday. She didn't care for it too much, but Max enjoyed helping rinse her while Jay washed her. Then they both got lotion massages from Jay and they loved those!
Kix and his little sister. We have the exact same picture with Max and Kix. For those of you who know Kix and his size, this shows how tiny she truly is.
This is a shot to show off all her hair. She has tons on the back of her head!

Newborn Pictures

February 10, 2010

When Mary Kate was only 5 days old we had a local photographer come and shoot some newborn pictures. They turned out fabulous and I am having a hard time deciding which ones and what sizes to order. Imagine that, not being able to make decisions, ha ha ha. Here is a preview of some of our favorites. I know I am going to get the black and white one of M & M to go in my large frame high in the living room. The rest of the them?

Day of Skiing

February 2, 2010On Tuesday Jay and Max took a day trip to go snow skiing. This was Max's first time to the slopes. He's been out west with us, but has always stayed at the chalet with Bebe. Now he has skiied himself! Their boys day started early as they left out before breakfast to get to the slopes. Once there they rented Max's gear and quickly got out in the snow. Jay said it was a beautiful day for skiing due the the recent snowfall and warmer temps on Tuesday that ruled out the chance of snow blowers. By the end of the day, Max was totally into the the ski life. He reportedly came down the bunny hill multiple times by himself and then got to ride the chairlift with Jay. Jay even took him down between his skis so that he could experience going fast. I am so glad they had a great day. Max slept on the way home and then Mary Kate and I met them at swim class. Max is still loving to swim and has moved to a bigger boy class to challenge him more. He is now advanced enough to swim the length of the pool. Yea! He is very confident when it comes to his swimming and now we can add skiing to the list. Hopefully he is going to be a well-rounded little athlete one day.

Go Flames