Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Baseball All-Stars

May 31, 2014

Max got an exciting phone call here recently concerning his baseball skills.  He was picked to play on the Coach Pitch All-Star team this summer.  As you can tell he was very excited.  He loves baseball and looks forward to playing more this summer.  

Parsons Memorial Day

May 24, 2014

My parents had their annual Memorial Day BBQ this past weekend.  As usual we enjoyed chicken, ribs, and lots of other great food.  It is also a delight to spend the weekend hanging with the family.   

Birthday at School

May 21, 2014

Since Max has a June birthday his teacher let him celebrate his day during the last weeks of school.  Today MaryKate and I took cupcakes and ice cream for him to share with his friends.  They all enjoyed the Birthday Party.  He is blessed with many loving classmates.

Finished House

May 3, 2014

Finally our house is finished!!  Although we didn't plan on upgrading anytime soon, we are very pleased with the results.  It was a long 3.5 weeks to get it all accomplished, but the waiting gave us a very nice house.

Go Flames