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Mary Kate's Heirloom

August 28, 2010

This weekend we took an adventure to find Mary Kate a special gift.  She got a special treat for being Grandma and Pawpaw's last grandchild.  The highchair that was purchased when Trace was born 9 years ago had seen better days by the time it got down the line the Max (#5).  Once he had out grown the chair it was time for it to be retired.  The seating was torn and aged and Grandma just felt like it wouldn't make it to the next child.  So once we found out that Mary Kate was on the way Grandma said that we needed to find her a new chair when the time came for it.  Well, the time was this weekend!  Mary Kate is now sitting up and beginning to eat with her hands and didn't have anywhere to sit at Grandma and Pawpaw's house.  They decided to solve the problem and off we went to find a chair.  Jay and I purchased our wooden chair at the Flea Mkt, so we thought we could find another one there.  No such luck!  We did locate the shop that made the chairs and ventured there after an afternoon at the Flea Mkt.  We were in luck here!  They had one just perfect for her, and it matched Grandma's table finish at home.  Jay and I were really excited to find it.  Now she has her very own chair and will probably never have to share it.  Sometimes being the last can pay off!  Grandma and Pawpaw even said that it will be her's to take home when the time comes.  She can have it in her house with her children and grandchild.  What a great start to a very special family heirloom!  We are very sentimental about things like that, so it means a lot to us to know she will always have that from Grandma and Pawpaw.  I even snapped a few photos of the three of them while we were still in the store.  Now she will even have pictures to show her family of the day the chair was bought.  Oh!  It just makes be smile to think of her placing her children and eventually grandchildren in that chair that was sought out and found JUST FOR HER.  What a special little lady she will always be to all of us!
Family Heirloom

Our Molly

August 15, 2010

After much discussion and hours of searching we have found our newest member of the family, Miss Molly.  Saturday we took a trip to visit her and fell in love.  We left with the intentions of purchasing her brother since we are familiar with boy dogs, but she choose us.  Once she got out of the cage she was all over Max.  He was on the floor giggling as she kissed, nibbled, and climbed all over him.  Of course that melted our hearts and here she is . . . in her new home on Wembley Court!  She is so tiny at just 8 wks old and probably won't be more than 15 lbs full grown.  Her breed is a West Highland Terrier or a Westie as they are called.  She is the same dog that is on the Cesar dog food commercial.   She is as bright white as Tahoe snow and as energetic as Max.  They will make the perfect pair.  Bebe gave Max Bruce's old bed and Molly has made it hers beside Max's bed.  When we can't find her, she is usually in her bed all cuddled up.  Mary Kate loves to sit and giggle at her, but she doesn't care for the kisses yet.  Please help us welcome her to the family, and say a prayer for us as we do the puppy thing. 
Little Miss Molly Kelley

Uh Oh Green Beans

August 15, 2010

Saturday we began our annual green bean picking!  We started bright and early to try to beat the heat.  It worked, but our beans were not ready.  Jay, Big Daddy, Max, and I picked the rows while Bull supervised from his chair at the edge of the garden.  We got about one 10 gallon bucket.  That is NOT ENOUGH!!  We usually get lots of 10 gallon buckets to can for the next year, but not this year.  Bull has decided we planted the wrong beans.  So he had Big Daddy till the rows and replant with more seeds.  Now we are in the waiting period again for them to grow and come in.  I guess we will be canning into the fall this year. That's okay with me as long as we get our green beans!  And just think, we won't have to pick in 100 degree weather!

Evening Fun

August 11, 2010

Tonight we had several FFMs (Fun Family Moments).  We took an adventure to the fountains at the Streets to let Max play.  We haven't been much this summer because it's just been too hot to sit out with mKate.  Max was very excited and played really hard.  Since mKate can sit up, we decided to let her try it out.  She went nuts-o and loved the water.  We sat her by one of the fountains and she kept leaning over to the water.  She would put her feet in the spray, her hands, her booty, and eventually her face.  When it got her face we expected a melt down, but she just cackled and leaned in for more.  Whoa, she is so easy going!  After the water play, Jay took us to eat and then to the new CeCe's.  Max had a really yummy time preparing his frozen yogurt cup.  His recipe was vanilla yogurt, gummy worms, lucky charms, fruity pebbles, peanut butter chips, captain crunch, oreos, and m&ms.  Jay stuck with the safety of oreos and vanilla yogurt. I scooped up cake batter yogurt with gummy worms and heath bar bits.  Poor mKate ate baby food squash, but she did it like a trooper and ate the whole cup!  Memories are so important in life, I am so glad we made some simple special ones tonight!
In Mary Kate's words, "Hoo Hoo, HOOOO!"

First Day of Preschool

August 9, 2010

With the end of Max's Nora Days came a new begining . . . . Preschool with Ms. Patrice!  Max started class Monday and has loved everyday!  He has learned what real school is and how to follow teacher instructions.  We are looking forward to watch him grow and excel this year.
New Beginnings!

SC Fair

August 8th, 2010

The yearly fair has been in town so Grandma and Pawpaw took the kid-os (big & little) on Saturday night.  We had lots of spin-y fun.  We all got unlimited ride armbands and rode until we couldn'e see straight.  Didn't notice when I was little, but most rides tend to go in a circle.  Whew!  I spent the rest of the night a little dizzy, but the giggles and smiles were totally worth it.  The kids love to ride the berry version of the teacups with me.  I crank that thing as hard and fast as I can and they all squeal.  I love it.  My head and stomach don't love it as much, but we had a blast.  The attendant even slowed the ride at one point (we inside didn't notice) because of all the yelling.  Jay said once he realized it was giggling he cranked it back up.  Mary Kate even got to ride her first carousel.  I talked the guy running it into letting me hold her.  I hope he didn't get in trouble, because she cackled and smiled the whole time.
The kids favorite ride with me, "spin it faster, faster, faster!"
Max's favorite ride, "the octopus"
mKate's First Ride
What can I say?

Mama Nora Days

August 7, 2010

Look how far we've come my baby!  Today we celebrated Max's time with Mama Nora.  Nora has kept Max since he was just 3 mo old.  He has loved everyday and made some special friends at her house.  But as life goes, Max is growing up and moving on to Pre K on Monday.  He will get the opportunity to learn in a school atmosphere and meet lots of new friends.  Mommy is very nervous about this transition, but feels it is a great building block for Max.  Mama Nora is special to us.  She kept Mommy as a baby and toddler, Uncle Jon, Uncle P, and now Max and Mary Kate.  We have been very blessed to have her in Max's life. She has given him many foundations that he will build upon in the next years. Mary Kate will continue her nurturing time with Nora and Max will move on to big boy school!
First Day: August 20, 2006

Last Day: August 7, 2010

Yet Another Loss

August 3, 2010

Last Tuesday we lost another important member of our family.  Bruce was my parents' dog of almost ten years.  He became sick over the past few days and just went down hill really fast.  It is so hard to believe that we have lost two dogs in less than six weeks.  It is really difficult and quiet when we come home or visit Bebe and Big Daddy's house.  Max has handled it all well, and actually seems a little relieved that Kix in no longer alone.  Please pray for us all as we adjust to the absence of Bruce-e-boy.
Bruce Parsons
November 12, 2000 - August 3, 2010

Reid turns 2!

August 1st, 2010
Silly Reid!
My cousin, Ryan's little boy, Reid, celebrated his second birthday over the weekend.  We were thrilled to get to take a short trip to enjoy it with him.  On Saturday we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Jackson to spend the weekend at their pool.  It was a fabulous weekend with family.  It was so nice to get to visit on an occasion other than a holiday.  We just relaxed by the pool, feasted on good grilled food, and ate some tasty birthday cake.  Max enjoyed playing with all his second cousins.  They swam, played chase, and just hung out.  It is cool to see them all bonding!  Thanks for the FFMs!
Max loved Uncle Tony's pool slide!
Jenna, Reid, Max, Sara, Mary Kate, and Abby

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