Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

No Training Wheels

March 22, 2010
Jay and Max worked hard yesterday afternoon on riding bikes. They took a bike ride with Max in the child seat onthe back of Jay's bike. Then they rode each on their own bikes. Before I knew it they were in the backyard riding. Jay took off Max's training wheels and off he went. Check him out riding like a big boy!

2 Months Old

March 22, 2010
Mary Kate is TWO months old today!

Soccer Saturday

March 20, 2010

Saturday Max had his first soccer game. He was pumped, but got a little stage freight when it was time to play. He started the game strong, but after his first goal he got nervous. As you see below he had a real crowd. Jay's family, my family, and the Miller family all turned out for the game and cheered really loud when he scored. We think that is what sent him over the edge. After he noticed the cheering section he wanted Jay to play with him or to just sit in Jay's lap. He ended the game with two goals and a blank face. We talked about playing and he was upset that he thought his team lost because he wouldn't play. He said he has to play by himself and "do better" next week so they can win. He is really concerned about his team losing due to him. Poor little guy, he is just too little to stress about that! He is growing up on me. You can see him in the picture squatting on the field when he got all bent out of shape. On Sunday I helped host Gindy's first big baby shower. Kerrigan is already so loved, she got more goodies than she will ever need. Friends and family poured out to bring her gifts. Gindy is doing good and getting down to single digits with weeks to go. We can't wait until Kerrigan is here! Speaking of babies arriving, Amanda and Clay's Sawyer is only 4 weeks away from her expected arrival date. Amanda says she is doing good, but keeping herself too busy. I've got to convince her to slow down. Do you hear me, slow down!! So many baby girls to play with this summer, it's gonna be too fun.

I make Noise

March 18, 2010
Mary Kate has discovered how to make noise!

Kayla's Prayer Request

March 17, 2010
Copied and Pasted from my Email this morning:
Hello All,

Jay and I would like everyone to keep our niece in their prayers today. Last night she, Kayla (who will be 7 in April), had an accident involving a knife. Apparently, she was attempting to cut a ribbon off a stuffed animal and she stabbed her eye with the knife. I don't know all the details, but from the best I can understand she lacerated her cornea causing it to leak. Jay's sister and brother in law took her to Sumner Regional, but she was then taken to Vanderbilt Children's via ambulance where an eye specialist was waiting. We have her little brother who is 4 here at home with us. They called during the night to tell us that she would go to surgery this morning. They called again at 6:15am to let us know that she just headed to the OR. Please remember her in your prayers today. She is our family princess due to being the only girl until ours this winter, and she cannot stand the sight or thought of blood.

Update: Thanks for all your prayers. Our niece is out of surgery and everything went well. They stitched the cornea and patched it. She is on the way home now and will return tomorrow for a doctor's appt to evaluate damage. They couldn't tell a lot today during surgery due to swelling and trauma to the area. That will all be looked at tomorrow. They expect for her vision to be okay because they didn't see any damage to the lens. The doctor did say that she will probably have cataracts that will have to be removed. Again, thanks for your prayers and love.
Jay and I took the Max and Tristan to get eye patches before Kayla got home. Now they match her and she doesn't feel different! We also got her a new stuffed horse and added a patch to his eye. She affectionately named him "Patches" when she was awake.

Our Weekend

March 14, 2010

We had a very busy weekend. Below are some pictures:

Mary Kate loves to take a bath in our sink. She is so tiny that she fits perfectly. Of course, Max enjoys helping me bathe her. He is always in the middle of everything.

She also had her first bottle on Thursday. Jay fed it to her after work. I thought it would be wrong for me to withhold the good stuff and shove a bottle in mouth. She did good with it, drinking 2 of 4 oz. I will continue nursing her when I return to work, but she needs to learn the bottle with thawed milk for her days at Mama Nora's house. Max was quite impressed to see her finally eat a bottle. I could tell he was a little confused, but I chose not to address it.

Our friends and family gave us a "Sip and See" party on Saturday for people to meet Mary Kate. Trust me, she had lots of fun and received some really nice gifts. She needs to learn to write because she has several thank you notes to write. I guess I will help her out just this once and take care of those for her. The pictures show her in her big girl carseat and resting with Aunt Josie. She was gorgeous in her purple fru fru dress.

Saturday night we enjoyed an evening with the Kelley Family celebrating my birthday. We feasted at Fulin's on some Asian food. Then we headed back to Jay's parent's for cake and presents. We were able to snap a great picture of all 6 Kelley Grandchildren once we were home. It is really hard to get a good one with that many kids so I am glad we caught it.

It was a great weekend, but I hope next weekend allows some rest time . . . I doubt it . . . soccer starts on Saturday. Yippppeeeeee!


March 10, 2010

Last night Dad and I celebrated our birthdays at a local Mexican Restaurant. Bet you can't guess where? After a great meal we received the "Happy Birthday" with ice cream. Being a long time patron of the restaurant we knew what to expect, but mine was a little bigger this year. Apparently the ice cream had melted so I got it ALL! Check out the sequence of pictures as Jay caught it all on the camera.

Max immediately told us that he did not want to come here for this birthday. Hahahaha. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!


March 8, 2010

Today Max and Mary Kate both enjoyed her playmat. I got it out for her of course, but everytime I turned around Max was under it too. He loves her so much. I think she knows it too. Listen to her "talk" to him while they play. He took the time to explain it all to her and show her how to make it sing. I hope he always takes such good care of her. After playtime and nap time it was off to our first soccer practice. Max was extremely excited and did a great job. We only had to fuss once about playing with the cut grass. He also threw a few cart wheels here and there during practice. Jay was so proud! Just kidding, Max was overflowing with energy and had to add the cartwheels after a few big kicks. He will practice again later this week and games will begin on the 20th. Here we go . . . . .

Our #14

March 3, 2010

Today is a day to celebrate . . . what significance does the third of March have for us? Today is the day that Jay and I started "going out" (hahaha) as little freshmen in high school in 1996. We were together in the fall of 1995, but decided to avoid gift exchange at Christmas and just break up and be friends. (hahaha silly kids) Then in the spring under the pressure of many friends we decide to make "us" official again. Whoa! I am glad we did, because we haven't wavered since then. We have been through high school, college apart, Titans, Liberty football, nursing school, living 8 hrs from home, starting careers, moving beck to TN, and now the birth of 2 wonderful children. We were the best of friends then and continue that today. Jay is my rock, he is my balance, he is my confidant, the best father I could of ever wished for my children, and the greatest man I could ever share my life with. I love our past and can't wait to see what God holds for us in the future. I thank God everyday for you and our countless blessings. I thank you today for 14 (good ole number 14) fabulous years. I love you, baby!Sophomore Basketball Homecoming: 1997

Senior Cotillion: Winter 1999

Titans vs Cowboys: Christmas Day 2000

Just Keep Swimming

March 2, 2010

At swimming on Tuesday Max learned a new skill. Since the team was on break for the night, the classes got to use the blocks and lanes. Max was thrilled to dive like the big kids. His teachers taught them how to go off the block and had them swimming the length of the pool. He had loads of fun. Also in class now that they have learned the basics they are learning more strokes. During the day Max walks around the house doing arm motions and saying "pull and shoot" as he mimics the breaststroke. He has another exercise swinging his arms and reaching to practice the backstroke. I hope he continues to enjoy swimming as much as he does now.

Go Flames