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January 30, 2010

Yea! We have finally gotten a decent snow. I think we probably got about 5-6 inches on the ground. That is a ton of snow for us. Max probably won't see that again for many years. We all got out in it and enjoyed ourselves. Mary Kate even made a brief appearance for pictures.
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First Bath

January 29, 2010

Here are a few pictures of Mary Kate's first bath. She didn't enjoy the water on her body, but liked having her hair rinsed under the faucet. Then she relaxed with a lavender lotion body massage by her daddy. Massages were Jay's speciality with Max after every bath and now he gets to enjoy it with her.

New Life

January 29, 2010
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Big Daddy

Tristan, Kayla, and Max



Great Grandparents, Nanny & Pa

Grand Grandaddy Bull

Making a birthday cake

Smaller than Kix

Max's Belly

January 20, 2010

Alright now, Mary Kate needs to come on . . . Max got up after being put to bed last night because he said he had a problem. When he turned the corner around Jay's chair he looked like the picture here: Yes, he has a baby in his belly now. This is the first time the entire pregnancy that he has pretended about a belly. It was too funny and too cute, so you know I had to snap a picture. I asked him what was in his belly and he made me guess. It turned out to be his snowman stuffed animal. Can't wait until he gets to meet what's in my belly! Counting down . . . .

Bebe & Josie's Birthdays

January 17, 2010

Tonight we celebrated my mom and sister in law's birthdays. My dad cooked up an awesome dinner of "Terry's Steaks" with huge baked potatoes, baked beans with Dad's hot peppers, mushrooms, salads, and all the fixins. WHEW! It was so good! Ha Ha Ha, I sound so pregnant. Oh Well, at this point I am SO pregnant. We topped off the dinner with a homemade buttercream cake Dad ordered. It was fabulous too! I hoped that Mary Kate would share birthdays with Bebe or her Aunt Josie, but now Bebe's chance is about gone. Josie's real birthday is tomorrow so she's got some time left for her to arrive. Waiting game . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANUARY GALS!

Four Bellies

January 16, 2010

Saturday night we took the opportunity to dine with some of our close friends. All four wives are pregnant, so we know our time without infant carriers is limited. In the photo, Alicia is due Feburary 5th, Ami: September 7th, Gindy: May 21st, and of course I'm due January 31st. We will have lots of little ones really soon. They will all be in class together one day . . . so exciting!

SDC Shower

January 15, 2010

I am so blessed with great co-workers. Friday they all threw a baby shower for myself and another co-worker that is close to being due. We had lots of great munchies and goodies. It was a wonderful day for a shower because we were slow for one of the first times this year. We all got to enjoy the festivities. I was honored with lots of great gifts and generous gift cards for Mary Kate. I am so ready for her to be here and meet everyone. Thanks gals, love ya!

Sibling Class

January 9, 2010
Today we took Max to his Sibling Class at a local hospital. We've been prepping him for it for several weeks. He was excited to be going to "class" to learn how to be a big brother. The class was extremely cute and targeted young siblings. They talked about what to expect when the baby comes home with mommy and daddy. They also got to learn how to diaper, swaddle, bottle feed, burp, bathe, and rock the new baby. (We still haven't crossed the breastfeeding subject. I am saving that for when it is game time. I am afraid there might be too much conversation about it if we bring it up earlier.) Also at class, they practiced everything they talked about with baby dolls and real baby supplies. It was rewarding the watch as a parent. But . . it appears our baby may spend some time learning to flip in the air, ride on Max's head, and dunk head first into the bathtub. We also got to visit the OB floor and see the nursery and patient room. The instructor showed them the warmer and let them feel it. They also got the see the baby cart and talk about the armbands and security bands. At the nursery, he got to see a real newborn. Max was impressed by the small size of the baby. He was also worried about the band aid on the baby's heel. The nurse also talked about the belly button and how it would be purple with a clip on it. I am very thankful we did this class. He has processed it all day, so I look to get some interesting questions when it is time for Mary Kate to come.

Snow Days

January 8, 2010

Finally, we have a dusting of snow here. It was predicated that we would get a whopping 2-4 inches, but . . . . we got a little . . . school was out Thursday and Friday and I won't be surprised if it is out on Monday too. We totally freak out over 1mm of snow here. I happened to be off on Friday, so Max got to stay home and play with friends. Kirkland came down and they played outside until they were frozen. Then Abby and Jack came over to finish the day playing inside. The three of them make a real team and they run, giggle, and pretend all through the day. Abby and I (well I know I did) enjoyed being lazy in front of the TV. It was a great day. Hopefully before the winter is done we will get a real amount of snow. You know enough to not see the grass!! I am not holding my breath, but I will keep praying for it. Thanks God for our taste of snow and real winter weather this weekend. We have loved it and its beauty.
This video is obvisouly Max in the snow. Jay got him another power wheel this past week. He bought it from a friend and then suped it up to fulfill his need for speed. As you can tell, it really flies. am not sure who is more proud of it, Jay or Max. He loves sliding on the snow and riding Kirkland around the cul-de-sac. Here he is headed out of the garage and down to pick her up for play date.

Carter's Sixth

January 5, 2010

Max's buddy, Carter turned 6 this week. WHOA! It is really hard to think that we all have a six year old in our midst. We were privledged to share his birthday with him before they traveled back to Mexico. We got together at Cracker Barrel the night before they flew out so they could fill up on some southern cooking one more time. I am sure Amanda didn't prompt that at ALL! HaHaHa. Happy Birthday Carter, we love you!

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