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T-Ball Make Up Game

May 18, 2011

Max waiting to run on Second Base

Maddie's big play. . . . got them OUT at second base!

Run Maddie!

Hayden on Third checking out his fans

Kirkland, Charli Jo, and Mary Kate coloring with chalk

Sully is HERE!

May 16, 2011
I know you are scrolling past this to see pictures, so I will put my text at the bottom.  Enjoy the pics!

Just before Sully was born!

My Favorite!
Sullivan Chandler Brosche
May 16, 2011 at 1238
8lbs 3oz and 19 inches

Proud Mommy Abby and Daddy Nick
Big Brother Jack Henry (3 yrs)

Spring Program

May 12, 2011
Tonight was Max's program at school.  It was graduation night for all those kids leaving preschool and going to kindergarten next year.  Max is starting school a year late due to his late birthday so in his words "I'm not graduating, Mom."  I am sure the teachers have had fun explaining this to the classes.  About 1/2 of them graduated and the rest will return next year.  To confuse them more,  everyone returned to school on Friday even those that graduated.  Max was happy to hear they would all be at school again on Friday.  Kids are so funny.  Sometimes we take for granted what they understand and what they don't.  Max did a great job in the program and sang his songs really loud.  He was tickled to see his Uncle Josh and Jon surprise him at the program.  A lady sitting behind us asked me if  "that was my brotherr?" pointing to Josh. I laughed and said "yes, and he has a twin that will be here in a minute, why?"  She said, "Wow!  That is a grown up Max!"  I always hear how much he looks like my brothers, but this was an original way to word it.  Yes, he is much younger version of Josh and Jon.  Check out the picture below.  Love him!!

Another win for the Orange

May 11, 2011

Great American Airshow

May 8, 2011
We spent Mother's Day at the Great American Airshow this year.  It was lots of fun, but VERY HOT!  We had spent the previous night after the wedding at Jon and Josie's house.  Josh, Jon, and Holly had to work, but Josie was off and decided to go with us for the day.  Lee, Jonathan Beaty, Hunter, and Harrison came and met us at the show.  Then a little later in the day Amanda, Chance, Logan and Tabitha, Brad, Rileigh, and Brison also came up to the show.  It was nice to sit back and relax with everyone while we sweated our tails off.  The kids (and adults) got to check out the planes, sit in the cockpits, and tour the insides of them during the day.  The show started about 11:30 and lasted until about 4:15. They had a huge variety of planes: old and new, fast and slow, smoke trails, group performances, wing walkers, parachuters, and dare devil stunts.  We have been to a similar show before, but it is always a blast to see the tricks and feel the roar as they buzz by the crowd.  This year's main attraction was the Army Thunderbirds.  It is a group of six F-16 fighter jets that put on a whole performance of tricks, loops, dives, and low fly overs.  They come over so fast that they are long gone before the sound of the engines get to the crowd.  Pretty Cool!  Max, Hunter, and Harrison thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the planes fly in close.  Mary Kate never acknowledged the planes exsisted.  She never looked up or cried at all the loud engines.  She was too busy being a busy body on the blanket and watching all the people.  Logan didn't seen to be bothered with the noises either.  Amanda lovingly packed his ears with earplugs and then sat under the umbrella in the shad with him.  At the end of the day Josie said it best, "That was really cool, we have to bring Uncle Jon to it next year!"  That's right mark your calendars, next year it is the Navy's Blue Angels!  See ya there.
mKate and Uncle EEE

Pilot Max

The sun was hot are difficult to look at!  Harrison, Lee, Hunter, and Jonathan Beaty

Little Logan never made a peep

Aunt Josie borrowed Max's sunglasses for the day and the wagon for a chair

Naptime . . . no matter where we are or how loud it is

Thunderbirds taking off

What a Weekend!

May 7, 2011

Kerrigan is Whooo's ONE
On Saturday we celebrated Miss Kerrigan Layne's first birthday.  We were all invited to share in a Pancake Party at a local restaurant that has become popular for these parties.  It was a great breakfast to start off a very busy day for us.  Kerrigan enjoyed playing with her gifts after Mommy opened them.  She was excited about her book that made sounds.  Gindy opened a princess riding toy that Mary Kate recognized and immediately wanted to scoot around on.  When it came time for cake, Kerrigan ate like a little lady.  She got a little messy, but not to bad.  She took her time easing through the yummy icing down to the cake.  Thanks for including us on your first birthday!  I still can't believe you girls have already been in our lives for a year.  We love you and can't wait to see what your future holds.  Happy Birthday!

Following the birthday party, Max had another T-Ball game.  He is finally beginning to enjoy his baseball games.  Ever since we started, he has talked about how much there is to do in the game.  When we questioned him he replied, "Well, in soccer you just have to kick the ball in the goal.  At T-Ball we have to hit the ball and then try to run to the base.  Then we have to try to catch the balls and throw them to other people.  There is just a lot to do, Mommy."  Jay and I found that conversation to be quite hilarious.  We had never thought of it in those terms.  Now though, Max has gotten the basic concept of the game and loves to play.  He tells me each night that he is going to hit it over the fence for me.  Sweet boy, one day you will!!  He loves to play on the pitcher's mound because that is where most of the balls are hit.  He fields the ball really well and then either tosses it to his first baseball or just out runs the hitter to first base.  Too cute!  I don't have any pictures from Saturday because I was the concession stand Mom.  Ha!  I can't believe we are at this point in life.  Anyways, pictures to come of later games. 
Rachel's Wedding
 Following the t-ball game we loaded up to go to the 'Boro for the weekend.  My sister in law's sister's wedding was Saturday night so we went for the evening.  The wedding was at a beautiful historic house in a nearby city.  The ceremony was set on the front lawn with the house in the background.  Of course Josh and Holly were involved in all the festivities, so we picked up Jon at his house and then met Josie after work at the wedding.  Holly was abousetly beautiful as the maid of honor.  Her dress was a lavender color and flattered her figure very nicely.  The rest of the wedding party was in dark purple.  Not knowing these details, Mary Kate's dress was purple and lavender.  She looked like a really small member of the bridemaids.  We got there early and the kids played under the trees on the front lawn.  I snapped some really cute pictures.

Jay's first 13.1

April 30, 2011
Jay finished his first 1/2 marathon on Saturday.  I am so proud of him and his dedication to this goal.  He had been training for several weeks now and literally running his tail off. We went to watch him cross the finish line and give him hugs and kisses as he accomplished this huge feat.  His only goal was to finish the race, but he did much better than that, he finished with a time of 2hr 39min.  From what I have been told, that is a good time for a first run.  He says now that that is over, he has a time to beat as he trains for more 1/2s in the future.  Run Jay Run!

Easter Sunday

April 24, 2011
Easter is finally here!  It seems like we have been celebrating for over a week now . . . oh, we have . .  That's ok, it a great reason to have lots of family time. This year Jay and I have gotten lots of opportunities to talk to Max about the significance of Easter.  He has asked many good questions about Jesus' death, why He died, and why He came back.  It has made for some very interesting conversations.  I guess he is getting to that age of reason, having real lessons in Sunday School, and the fact that he is attending a Church based Pre-School now.  I love his innocence in his questions and his comments to our answers.  Wow!  A fulfilling part of parenting!  I love it.  Sometimes I get bogged down in the everyday life of parenting an almost 5 year old . . . the scolding, time-outs, spankings, "No", "No", "Maaax", "Leave her alone" . . . but  sharing with him Christ's love has been awesome this Easter.  I can't wait to watch him grow and inquire more about our beliefs and make life decisions for himself.  Thank you God for this blessing! 

After our morning at church, we went to my parents house for dinner and more egg hunting.  This is the first year Josh and Jon have both been off shift in several years.  We all got to spend time together!  Yay!  Max and mKate got yet another basket filled with goodies.  They were both excited about the carrot ball popper that you had to try to catch the ball in.  After lunch, we all went out for the annual egg hunt.  Big Daddy's eggs are different from everyone else's . . . . the are filled with cash!  The rules are the same every year:  You must use a basket, Pick up 12 eggs, and no peaking on the value of the contents until you have 12.  One year we have some cheating of peakers throwing back the $1 eggs and continuing to search for the higher dollar eggs.  Again this year the in-laws got the most money.  Jay and Josie both racked up while Jon and I both got all one dollar bills.  Max loved getting the money and he even found some $5 and a $10 egg.  To her delight, Mary Kate's eggs were filled with chocolate.  It is great that we have never outgrown the egg hunt at Bebe and Big Daddy's house. Check the video below of all us big kids and our baskets.  Too funny!

Go Flames