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Big Parsons Christmas

December 27, 2008

We celebrated on Saturday in the 'Boro with the entire Bull Parsons Family. Check out the Smilebox for lots of pictures, just don't forget to mute the blog music.
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Christmas at the Parsons

December 26, 2008

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Christmas Morning at Home

December 25, 2008

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Kelley Christmas Eve

December 24, 2008

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Christmas Cookies

December 24, 2008

Christmas EVE!! Yea! Max is really excited about "Santa coming to town" tonight. Although, we have had to explain to him that tonight he can't see Santa. We have spent so much time building up going to see Santa and sitting in Santa's lap, now in the mind of a 2 year old, Santa is coming to his house and he had to go to bed? What? Not stay up and see him? Not tell him what he wants for Christmas? Whoa! He really thinks too much into this for me to try to delicately explain it.

He did enjoy (without questions) making cookies for Santa. We have spent the morning (and part of naptime) at BeBe's making cookies. He did a really good job, check it out:

Patty cake, Patty cake, Max's man, Bake me a "cookie" as fast as you can.

Roll it,

Pat it,Lick it, (nice huh?)Put it on a pan,Sprinkle it, for Bebe and me!!

Snipets for the Week

December 23, 2008

I am home today on "low census" from work. Of course with a million things planned to accomplish, Max is down with a stomach virus. A violent virus might I add, hence we had to take a bath and wash the train sheets at 3:45 am today. So as I mother, bake, and think . . . I decided the share a few of my thoughts:

1. I love cooking and baking for any holiday. I just wish my favs were Jay's favs. So, I guess we will continue to take turns as to whose sweet treats it is time to make. Today is "Better than Sex Cake" (one of my new favs). I made it for our Connect Group party a few weeks ago and it caused a stir among the guys. They all enjoyed it, but concluded that it was not "better " . . .

2. I love naps. Jay is napping, Max is napping, and Kix is napping. A few moments to ME!

3. Christmas cards are arriving this time of year. I love them. I love to take time and ponder about those that we don't get to see often. My "longest distance traveled card" arrived today from near the north pole. No not Santa's letter, but Erika's letter. My dearest friend from Liberty Nursing. This special card always brings me to tears as I remember so many of our stressful days together. Merry Christmas baby Kaden! I hope to meet you some day soon!

3. Decisions to wrap or not wrap? Does Santa wrap the gifts he hides in the stockings? As I take a poll it seems he did something different at all my friend's houses growing up. Strange huh? He took that much time to personalize each house. Wow! Well, this year I am thinking he will wrap our stocking gifts because that is what he always did for me and continues to do for my stocking at Mom and Dad's house.

4. Amy Grant's Silent Night. Have you heard this song yet? It is definitely one of my new fav Christmas songs. "I need a silent night . . a holy night . . . to hear a angel voice thru the chaos and the noise. . . . I need a midnight clear . . . a little peace right here . . to end this crazy day with a silent night." It just really speaks to me this year as we get into the busy life of toddler parents at Christmas time. It reminds me of the specialness of this time of the year and what God did to come to earth as a small babe. Every time I hear it I have to turn it up loud and have my own concert in the privacy of my car. For any of you who have attended a Jessica Car Concert you know how we rock!

5. Speaking of rocking. My parents gave Jay and I tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra this past weekend. Jay got the tickets for his birthday in October, so we have been anxiously awaiting December 21st. IT ROCKED! and that is putting it mildly. The lights, the pyrotechnics, the music . . . WHOA! I have never been to a concert of this volume. Those guys can jam. I have to put it on my list to do again someday. It was really cool. If you don't have a TSO Christmas CD, you need to go get one this year before they are put away for the year. They do all the expected Christmas carols with lots of electricity and boom. Be brave, try it, I don't think you'll regret it.

Wow! All three boys are snoring at the same time . . .harmony.

If I don't type to you again before the big day . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS! Starting tonight we begin to snowball into the holiday for several days worth of family, food, presents, food, fun, moments, food, and more food. Have a great week!

Tacky Sweater Party

December 20, 2008

Tonight we are heading to a " Tacky Christmas Sweater Party", hence the wonderful outfits we have on is these pictures. A little history to the sweaters:
Jessica: Jay borrowed the winner of the Servpro "Tackiest Sweater" contest for me to wear. It is a lovely white shirt adorned with metallic blue garland, plastic light bulbs, bells hanging from the waistband, and multi large red bows. I found a pair of bright red tights with glitter snowflakes on them to go with the shirt

Max: The reindeer sweatshirt that Max is sporting is circa about 1989. It was handmade (along with 2 matching others) by the creative Bebe for all three Parsons children to wear the the Donnelley Christmas Party. According to Santa pictures from that party, the reindeer with the red bow tie which Max is wearing was Uncle P's. Don't worry Uncle Jon and Uncle P we will take special care of it so that your kidos can enjoy it too!

Jay: This beauty of a shirt was also handmade by Bebe for Big Daddy to wear to the Donnelley Christmas Parties back in the day. Can you see Big Daddy in this tiny shirt? Well, we have pictures to prove that too! The wiggly eyes on Jay's shirt are so "antique" that they are now yellow. Thanks for keeping everything Bebe!

Visiting Santa

December 7, 2008

Yippee!! Max went to sit on Santa's lap today. He did it!! Yea!! We have a picture this year with just Max on Santa's lap not all three of us on Santa's chair. He told Santa he wanted a "game . . . with a pencil." Then Santa asked about a train set. Max was trilled to see that Santa already knew about the train he wanted. He clarifed with Santa that he wanted the "yellow train." Then Santa asked him about Diego. Max agreed that a Diego would be okay too. Below is a video of him riding the train after sitting with Santa.

Riding on the Polar Express

December 6, 2008

On Saturday, Bebe and Big Daddy took us to ride on the Polar Express train. It was stopping by town for a few hours on its way to the North Pole. Max was so excited!! He got to see the conductor, the train had "decorations" as he says (christmas lights), drink hot chocolate, meet the elves, talk to Santa, and visit with some new friends. It was a lot of fun and an nice ride around the local towns. Thanks for a great day Bebe and Big Daddy!!

Go Flames