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GHS Class of 1999

July 18, 2009

This weekend was our 10 year Reunion. After 18 months of planning it finally came and went with very minor hiccups. We began the festivities Friday night with a Family Picnic at a local park. Everyone got the chance to visit and meet each others kids. It was really neat seeing all the parents. Saturday night we had Dinner and Dancing at a Country Club nearby. We think we ended up with 110-120 people at dinner. Then everyone enjoyed a night of good music and dancing. I believe it was a real hit. I loved seeing everyone again and revisiting with old friends. I don't look forward to the 20 yr planning, but after last night I will do it all over again! Thanks to everyone on the committee.

It a GIRL!

July 17, 2009

My mom ultrasounded us today and is convinced that Baby #2 is a GIRL! We are very excited, but still numb to the thought. We are 12 weeks this weekend and Mom feels confident with her assessment and verdict of GIRL. We could tell at 10 wks that Max was a boy. The parts were visible, and here at 12 weeks we can't find any parts that would indicate a boy. It is no secret that we really wanted a girl with our first pregnancy. We were shocked when we found out he was a boy, but I would never ever trade him and his snuggles now. I am positive I will never have a girl that loves on me like my Max does. When we started over a year and a half ago working on baby #2 we read all the literature on "making a girl". I know beyond a doubt that you will only get what God plans for you, but I couldn't help trying for a girl. After months and months of negative pregnancy tests we gave up on the girl methods. We just wanted another baby and had gotten over wanting a girl. We knew God would give us what he planned and that it would be perfect. So, now that we are here and it appears to be a girl, we are ecstatic. We would be thrilled with a boy too, though, now that we know boys, but it looks like pink!! YEA! Above is a picture of the side of her foot.
Here are the famous 'girl parts' or lack of parts!
This last one is a picture of her looking at us. The top sphere is her head. You can see the prominent brow bones, dark circles of eyes, and oval mouth. The lower sphere is her chest/belly. You can see a hint of her arms then they go out of view and her legs aren't in the picture. Isn't she beautiful? All 2 inches of her!


July 14, 2009

Today was our 8 YEAR anniversary! Can you believe it? It has been a wonderful ride thus far and I cannot wait to see what our future holds. We didn't do anything big or glamorous, but it was a great day. Just coincidence due to available appts, but we all three went to the dentist this afternoon. It was Max's first ever appt and he did awesome! No fits, no tears, just like a big boy! We were so proud.

Almost 11 weeks

July 10, 2009

This picture was taken in Destin, FL on Friday before I turned 11 weeks on Sunday. My belly is beginning to change, I think more that this picture shows. Waist bands are getting tight and some shirts are too clingy. More to follow as it gets bigggggeeeerrrrrrrrr! We are hoping that Mom can figure out pink or blue before too much longer. It hasn't bothered me until recently and now I am getting impatient.

Destin 2009

June 4-11, 2009

We spent the week of the fourth in Destin, FL again this year. We went with my parents, my brother Jon and Josie, Daddy Mike and Sassy, Ryan, and Amanda and Chance. It was lots of fun with great weather. We spent the week in a beachfront condo overlooking the tourquise waters and white sand. Enjoy the slide show!

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8 Weeks

June 25, 2009 Posted by Picasa
Our baby is 8 weeks and growing this week. We were able to see tiny arm and leg buds when Mom ultrasounded me on Max's birthday. They are appropriately marked with the "a" and "l" in the ultrasound picture I posted. Little one is growing growing. Maybe in another month we will have a clue about a brother or sister for Max.

Bye Bye Binky

June 26, 2009

Well, the day has come and gone and we have all survived . . . . we gave up the binky on Friday. I say "we" because I think it was hard for all three of us . . . Jay, Me, and Max. I think I handled him turning three better than I have handled giving up the binky. I have been wanting to get rid of it for almost a year now, I just haven't been strong enough. I know that sounds crazy I don't even use the binky. It's just the peaceful look that sweeps his face when he pops it in at bedtime. He looks like "Ahh, all is right with the world!" Quit laughing at me, being a Mommy makes you crazy sometimes. So back to giving it up. Friday morning I was feeling terrible (as I do alot of the time right now), nervous about our meeting with our Reunion location, trying to get ready for the big party on Saturday, and Max was pushing my buttons. I had told him multiple times since he got up to put his binky back in bed. I reminded him that we only use it in bed while we sleep. He continued to carry it in his mouth while he played . . . so I did the loving Mommy thing . . . I snapped. Yea, I am not proud of it, but I did. I snatched it out of his mouth and marched down the hall telling him "that's it, no more binky, I'm throwing them all away." I proceded to go out the front door with him close behind in tears by now as I carried it to the trash can. I acted like I threw it in and told him to tell it goodbye that the trashmen were coming to get it. He then gave me the guilt trip arguments of "Mommy, the baby's not here yet." (See, we had mutually decided that he would give his binkies to the new baby when it got here. We had been having those talks for a few weeks.) So that broke my heart and I sat on the floor with him and cried and we discussed what a Big 3yr old Boy he was now. We talked about not using diapers, pee peeing in the potty, not using a bottle, feeding himself, and other various things that big boys could do. I then reminded him that only babies use binkies not big boys. He argued with me saying that he didn't have to be a 3yr old yet, he could just be 2 again. Grinning, I told him he wanted to be a big boy and do big boy stuff. He agreed. Whew! Then he asked me to get the binky from the trashman and save it for his new baby. I agreed. He then helped me clean up and find all the binkies in the house. We bagged them all up and put them in the medicine cabinet for the new baby. He has been fine with it since that moment. It took about a week for him to quit asking for them when he got tired. When he asked, we would remind him that he didn't use binkies anymore. He would be okay with that answer, frown a little bit, then turn his head and go to sleep, while I sat there full of tears. So. There is the end of Max's binky story and we are still a happy family. . . . going into it I never dreamed we would survive!

June 27, 2009

We celebrated Max's big day with a waterslide. We enjoyed lots of friends and good food!

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June 25th

June 25, 2009

On Thursday, Max turned 3! Whew, I cannot believe it, he is getting so big so fast. Here are some pictures of our family dinner for his birthday.

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