Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Preschool Graduation

May 8, 2012
Tonight was a milestone for us.  Max had his Preschool Graduation.  He has attended this pre K program for 2yrs.  Due to his summer birthday he got to experience both the pre K classes. It was sad to see it come to an end.  He has had his personal struggles of learning to be away from us and his Momma Nora, but he had grown tremendously.  He now loves school and all the friends he has made.  We are very excited that most of them will be going to the same elementary school next year.  It is neat that they have had this early start together.  Now off to enjoy the summer with Grandma and Bebe until Kindergarten starts later in the summer! 

Parker, Max, Alex, and Mac

Andrew, Will, Kennedy, and Talan

Avery, Drew, Hannah, Maddie, and Haden

Max wants to be an "army man" when he grows up

Max, Ms Teresa, and Ms Angela

Air Show

May 12, 2012
Mother's Day was this past weekend ans I requested a repeat of last year with the air show. The Blue Angels were on the schedule for the show this year.   It is tons of fun to go watch and the kids have a blast.  I like to watch the respect Max gains for the military anytime we do something like this.  Mary Kate loves to wave at everyone that flies overhead.  Jay got us tickets and then it was predicted to rain all weekend.  We originally planned to go early and spend the day there on Sunday, but the weather changed that.  Since Saturday had less percentage chance of rain (30 compared to 70) we went onto the show on Saturday.  We were not able to go as early as planned due to t-ball, but t-ball was worth us being tardy.  Again this year, Max climbed in all the planes and discussed his future plans with the military.  Mary Kate enjoyed sitting in all the planes.  She repeated "whoaa" and "cooolll" all day long.  Jay and the kids took me out to eat after the show and then we did some shopping.  Even with the rain showers it was a terrific day.  Of course I love any day that I get to spend with the four of us. 

It's T-Ball Season

May 12, 2012
Max was thrilled to get to play t-ball this morning.  We have had several rainouts here early in the season.  I was pumped because Mary Kate's swim class is over and now I can be at the fields too.  The kids are all so adoreable at this age with baseball.  It is fun to watch them learn and evolve into little players as the season progresses.  Max has lots of friends on his team this year.  Many of them are new to the game, but several returned from last year too. 

mKate loves Animals

May 12, 2012
Mary Kate still loves her animal books.  She has gotten very good at naming all of them and acting out their various sounds.  A monkey scratches its arm pits, a lizard flips its tongue, an elephant had a long nose, and bugs are "eeeuuuu."   She was sick this week so we got some time just the two of us.  I captured a special video of her animals, age, and what she calls herself . . . "tate tate."  Too cute, an extra big thank you to Kerrigan for the nickname.

Class Picnic

May 4, 2012
Max's preschool class had a picnic  today for lunch.  Mrs. Teresa and Mrs. Angela are giving them lots of special days as their time together draws to a close.  Max  loves this class, but is super excited about Kindergarten later this year.

Isabella, Avery, and Parker

Hayden, Hannah, Kennedy
Will, Mac, and Joesph
Max and Mary Kate

The Zoo with Friends

April 27, 2012

After Kindergarten registration we went to the zoo for a day trip.  Max invited his friend Will to go with us.  We met up with Will at registration and the boys were so excited.  They love to be together!  I had a friend in town for the marathon and she met up with us too.  Kim and I hadn't seen each other in 7 or 8 years.  We graduated together from the LU nursing program.  We also spent lots of football oriented time together.  Her brother played with Jay on Liberty's football team.  It was wonderful to have a friend that lived the nursing student and football fan life with me.  The zoo was a great place to hang out and catch up on lost time. 

Kerrigan turns 2 too!

May 5, 2012
On Friday Kerrigan celebrated her second birthday at the zoo with family.  On Saturday she partied it up with friends and family at a local bounce house.  The kids enjoyed themselves on the slides and in the bouncy house.  After some time playing we all went to the party room for pizza and cupcakes. It was a blast of a party! 

Kindergarten Registration

April 27, 2012
This morning we went to Union for our first event . . . Kindergarten Registration.  I was a little worked up about it as we got ready and headed over, but I was okay once we got there.  I really can't believe it is time to Kindergarten.  I am so proud of the little boy he has become, and I am excited to see him grow next year.  We are blessed to be in a family oriented school with lots of friends and our family.  I couldn't ask or wish for more  . . . here's to a great year!

Will & Max

Max, Will, Sam, Hannah
Talan & Maddie

First Haircut

April 25, 2012
Mary Kate had her hair cut for the first time last week.  She was not too crazy about being the center of attention, but her "Bubby" was there to hold her hand.  She just had a little trim to even it all up.  Big Daddy was in a panic that I had her curls cut off.  Umm No!  Actually, they curl up even more now.  I am sure she will see many more days in Debby's chair.  Thank you!

Sawyer turns TWO!

April 21, 2012
April is full of birthdays!  This weekend we enjoyed a day with lil Miss Sawyer Cooper.  She turned two!  We have lots of lil Misses turning two this year.  We got to celebrate Sawyer's birthday at her new house with a cookout.  It was a great relaxing evening with close friends and family.  The kid-os were running wild and playing all over the house and yard.  The men all worked on putting together the new play set in the yard.  Of course all the women loved having the time to sit and chit chat.  It was a time to catch up with everyone and chill out.  Thanks for a perfect party Sawyer!  We love  you!

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