Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

Big Daddy's Girl

MaryKate has been thrilled playing with the real toolkit she got from Big Daddy on Christmas.  She has been working on everything in the house.  Thanks Big Daddy!!

Ty's 40th Birthday

December 26, 2014

Our eldest outlaw in the Kelley Family turned 40 today!  Congrats on the lifetime achievement big guy!

Cookie Party

December 23, 2014

Tonight we had our ?yr Annual Cookie Party.  This night is one of the highlights of my Christmas season.  I get to spend an evening with some of my life's VIP kids.  I get to get messy, sugary, creative, and get to eat warm sugar cookies all at once.  The kids all look forward to it for the mess, the sweet treats, and the time together.  Every year it turns out the same perfect way . . . . Everyone arrives and we begin rolling out the dough and getting our fingers in it.  Then we press out Christmas related shapes and attempt to bake them.  Following the baking and burning we let all the kids gather around the table to decorate them with icing and sprinkles.  It doesn't take long for the kids to lose interest at steps along the way.  They scamper off to play all over my house.  We try multiple times to redirect them back to cookie making and each time after a few minutes they are back playing with their friends.  Finally, we give up and enjoy decorating the perfect cookie with just us Moms.  It may not be "Pinterest Perfect", but it is perfect for my crazy wonderful life.  Thanks again, gals and kids for making my heart swell with fun tonight!  Love you bunches.  

Margaret's 90th Birthday

December 21, 2014

Nanny Margaret celebrated her 90th birthday this month.  Her children gave her a party in Pulaski that we were invited to attend.  It was so wonderful to see her and love on her for the afternoon.  She is such a special lady to us and we so miss her being in town.  

Bull's brother Gene and his wife Ester

MaryKate's Christmas Program

December 18, 2014

MaryKate also had a Christmas Program this year for preschool.  She did a great job and was very proud of singing her songs.  The younger preschool classes were hilarious to watch as some of them screamed and cried during their classes whole presentation.  Too much fun!

Max's Christmas Program

December 16, 2014

Max had his Second Grade Play tonight.  They have been working on it during music class for weeks and weeks.  The kids did a priceless job and all performed their parts with accuracy and cuteness.  Max was chosen to be Cousin Billy.  He was awarded this role because in November he lost both his front teeth.  Cousin Billy gets the honor of singing "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth."  He did a really good job and didn't miss a word.  I am so proud of him for standing up there on stage and doing it.  He was nervous, but refused for that to stop him.  I am so glad his school gives them this opportunity to perform.  It was a precious memory we will always cherish .  

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