Blogging and Praying that I never forget these days . . . .

My Tuesday Dates

September 30, 2014

I felt special this Tuesday as both my guys took me on dates.  Max is on fall break so we had a day just the two of us.  We went to one of his favorite places -- Barnes and Noble -- to look at books.  He chose to start reading James and the Giant Peach during his fall break.  Next we went to an early lunch before our movie.  He has been wanting to see Dolphin Tale 2.  We were the only two in the theater.  The movie was good, but a real tear jearker if you ask me.  

Tuesday night Jay and I attended the Opry Show.  It was a delightful show that ended with Rascal Flatts performing.  We don't have date nights too often, but it was nice to get away for a few hours.

Fall Games

September 27, 2014

We had a great day of ballgames today.  Max's soccer team won 4-3.  Big Daddy caught a picture of Max scoring a free kick during the game.  Max and I had to leave at halftime of soccer to head to baseball.  I had to work in the pressbox, so he just came with me while Jay finished coaching the soccer game.  The baseball game went in Max's favor also.  He hit two home runs and they won by a big margin.  We have fun being at the ballparks on Saturdays.  MaryKate even likes it because she gets to play with all the little sisters at the games.  Another successful Saturday!

Butterfly Launch

September 26, 2014

Max's school had their annual Butterfly Release on Friday.  It was a very warm sunny morning.  The Release is fun attend because all the classes participate in the ceremony.  Some classes dress up to show the different stages of life, some sing raps or songs, other read poems and stories about butterflies.  Then at the end the Monarchs are release from their jars to "fly to Mexico."

No Training Wheels

September 25, 2014

Well, she did it!  No training wheels!  Such a big girl!

Summer Flowers

September 21, 2014

I have loved my flowers this summer and I am sad to see them go with the soon cooler weather.

Cheer Camp

September 20, 2014

MaryKate, Kerrigan Woodward, and Madlyn Whitaker attended the HHS cheer camp on Saturday.  They have all been wanting to be cheerleaders so we thought we would try it out.  During the camp they learned sidelines and a dance.  The really liked getting to yell and move around.  The dance was funny as they shook their little booties.  After lunch they had the cheer station, but they had kind of lost interest.  They refocused when they moved to the tumbling station and had more fun.  I think they all three enjoyed the day.  MaryKate continues to walk around the house saying her cheers and making up motions.  It is very cute!  She definitely wants to be a "Chee-leader"  now.  

Love Her

September 20, 2014

Tonight MaryKate and I enjoyed some girl time by the fire.  We talked and laughed about all kinds of things.  Most importantly, she is proud that she can now touch her tongue to her nose.  She has struggled with this because Max and I can easily do it.  So, she has practiced and can now stretch hers there too.  Crazy, I know!  Lol!

9.11 Stairclimb

September 13, 2014

After a night in the 'Boro with my brothers we then attended the 9.11 Stair climb.  Being firefighters, both of my brothers are participating again this year.  They have both done the tribute climb in previous years, but are doing it this year together.  Josh and Jon are on the Honor Guard and are in the opening ceremony for the climb.  Then Josh is doing the climb carrying two NYFD men's pictures in honor.  The ceremony is very somber and touching.  It brings back many memories and thoughts of that horrible day in our Nation's history.  I am very proud of the service my brothers give being firefighters.  Their involvement in the memorial stair climb is just one example of the brotherhood that all firefighters share.


September 13, 2014

Max missed a pop fly into the sun today with his glove.  Sadly, he caught it with his head.  Yes, those are baseball stitches imprinted into his forehead.  Poor little guy!  He took the lick, cried a few tears, and kept on playing.  He has now told his Dad that he needs some baseball sunglasses.

Girls in the Mud

September 6, 2014

After a hot morning at the soccer fields, we headed out to breakfast, and then to the baseball fields for a game.  A thunderstorm blew up and cooled off the place with a good shower.  The little sisters found it a great chance to play in the puddles.  It wasn't long before the puddles were mud pits.  The girls took off their shoes and basically climbed in.  They were all dirty, but smiling from ear to ear!

Fall Soccer

September 6, 2014

Max has missed playing soccer so he decided to add that to his fall schedule.  Jay is coaching his rec team and they love spending the time together.  This weekend was the first games and Max did a great job.  The Orange team won 6-1! Great start to a great season.

Go Flames