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The Last Few Weeks

August 12, 2009

It has been a whirlwind of a summer here in the Kelley house: Positive pregnancy test, Max's 3rd Birthday, Destin Trip, It's A Girl!, 10 Year Class Reunion, Jon and Josie's Wedding, and now finally NOTHING on the calendar for a few weeks. Whew! So what have we done since the last post?

Max used some of his Pa Birthday money to buy a big boy bike. He rides with fury! I honestly didn't think he would be able to ride being so young, but once again he surpassed my expectations. He can even ride the entire 3 mile loop that Jay and I walk in the evenings. Unbelievable!

He had also learned to swing "I do it all by myself, Mommy." Up until now we have had to go out and push him on the swing, but now he refuses our help most of the time. Oh! He is growing up so fast.

We are also now 15 weeks pregnant and it is still a little girl. I guess I won't believe it until she is in my arms. It is clear on Mom's ultrasounds: there is nothing there! We can count 4 fingers and a thumb on each hand, 10 toes, a rhythmic (thank goodness) 4 chamber heart, bladder & kidneys, stomach, spine, eyes, nose, mouth, 2 lobe brain . . . it looks like it is all there . . . except for boy parts! Yea! I can feel her fluttering around in there when I am still, and we think Jay felt her earlier this week when she was parting on some Taco Bell. We have decide on the name Mary Kate and are excited about meeting her in January. Mary is after my grandmother, Mary Frances, and I just love the thought of Kate Kelley. Max talks about "Mary Kate" or "my Kate" all the time. He has big plans for the two of them. We also got confirmation from Mama Nora (Max's babysitter) that she will have room for Kate once she arrives. Max is excited about taking her to Mama Nora's with him.

Max also went for his yearly visit to Vandy Cardiology. He got to wear his holtor monitor again and did it like a champ. Once the results were in we found out that we are finally cleared and only have to see them if something arises in the future. He had significantly less PVCs and PACs (extra beats) this year than he has had in the past. Yipee! Just a little history if you are lost, Max was diagnosed prior to birth with an irregular heartbeat that was caused by abnormally large holes in his heart (ASD and VSD). Prior to birth I had all kinds of work ups. We did a fetal echo and monitored it by doppler with prenatal visits and ultrasounds. After birth we were sent to Vandy Ped Cardiology for another workup. At 3 days old he had ekgs and echos done of his heart. His prenatal diagnosis was confirmed and we followed up later. By the time he was one the holes had closed, but the rhythm was still abnormal. So, now that we are 3 years old we have been deemed 'normal'. It is a great relief off our shoulders. Hopefully we won't have to go on this adventure with Mary Kate, but she does have a higher risk due to having a brother with the condition. So? We will see. It is all in God's hands and he will carry us through it again if it is in his plans. It does cause anxiety, but knowing there is someone "bigger than the boogie man" in control helps me to not concentrate on the possibilities.

So, what all does August hold? Who knows! We have consignment plans, Shannon-Dianne-Pa Birthdays, flea market plans, and hopefully some relaxing in between! Until next time . . . .

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