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Mary Kate's 7mo

Okay, so I am behind at getting the seven month high chair pic up on the blog, but I was waiting on purpose.  Right?  Yea, I wanted to put what all she has been doing in the last 2 weeks on the entry.  Yea.  Right.  Anyways, here is our little sweetheart and since she had turned seven months she is on the go!  She is crawling and moving where she wants.  Last week she was in the living room and Jay went upstairs with Abby and Jack . . .they heard something in the kitchen . . .it was Mary Kate who had found the magnets on the fridge.  While I was home one day I left her playing in the living room to go get ready and she followed me to the back bathroom.  She is very proud of herself.  You can see it in those happy blue eyes.  This morning when Jay went to get her out of the crib and ready for church . . . she had pulled up and was standing waiting on him.  She is growing Too Fast!  She is also FINALLY beginning to "enjoy" foods.  She will open her mouth when she sees the spoon coming at her and will holler at you if you take too long for the next bite.  It is really funny (unless you are in a restaurant) because she squeals for each next bite.  We are all three having so much fun with our little girl. 

 7 Months Old

Exploring a sippy cup with apple juice
Our girls napping

First "pulling up" - Sunday, Sept. 5

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