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Springtime on Parsons Farm

March 31, 2012
This year we celebrated Spring Birthdays and Easter as a large Parsons group. We all met at Uncle Tony's new land and pot lucked a wonderful meal. Big Daddy cooked Prime Rib on the grill and everyone else brought sides to go with the meal. We had a great day playing around the farm and relaxing. The kids had a blast riding the toys and driving the go cart. Some of the kids were even brave enough to walk the cold creek. The bigger kids rode the tractor and golf cart. The men all brought their guns and set up some target practice with objects and skeet. We finished off the day with an Easter Egg hunt for all ages. It was a day full of quality time spent with family. My kids love "going to the farm" as we have started calling it. Max always looks forward to the next time (& so do we)!
Jack Mac (3), Mary Kate (2), Reid (3)

Jenna, Alaina, and Ryan

Christina, Holly, Alaina, Mary Kate, Abby, and Reid

My adventurer, Max

The Gun Range

Jay and Max

Mary Kate


Josh and Mary Kate

Max and Holly

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