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Our First Heartwalk

October 12, 2013

Our family was blessed this year to be able to participate in our first American Heart Heartwalk.  I got on board at work and was a team captain to help raise funds from our hospital.  My unit at the hospital set and exceeded our goal of $1000.  We had fun decorating the nurses' station and wearing heart stickers and headbands.   The day at the walk was a surreal experience for me.  It was so touching to have my family there with me as a survivor of  a congenital heart defect.  It was also special to be there as a part of a hospital team.  We got to meet each other's families and learn who everyone was "walking for" that day.  I hope we participate in this walk for many years to come.   

Max writing on the wall of honor

Lil Cutie, am I really going to have to share him with a wife one day??

Some of my fellow nurses

My family

Our Hospital Team

My Mom and Dad

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