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Christmas Day

December 25, 2013

Santa was good to us again this year.  I guess we have some pretty good kids.  According to the amount of toys he left, they must be high on his good list.  We are very blessed to be able to celebrate each year with them.  The thrill and excitement in their eyes is worth every penny of it.  

Santa left Max a reindeer bell, Skylanders Swapforce, and a crossbow

He left Mary Kate a boat for her princesses in the tub, a doll, and the ever requested lipstick.

They know to wake us up before they go into the living room.  This shot shows their expressions just before they rounded the corner into the room.  

Max was very proud this year to pick out and purchase Jay and I gifts.  His school had a small store for the students to bring money and pick up gifts for their family or friends.  He chose a snowman spoon holder for the stove for me and a #1 Dad hat shaped piggy bank for Jay.  His little face was just precious as we opened them on Christmas morning.  He is such a special gift to us as a son!

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