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Picnic at the Park

March 18, 2014

Max is off for Spring Break this week and next week so we have enjoyed some days together.  I miss having him at home on my day off.  This week I took and extra day off and we went to the park.  The kids wanted to feed the ducks and play on the playground.  The ducks were just as hungry as ever and loved seeing us with all the bread.  MaryKate gets scared at the aggressive geese so I have to stay close to her and shoo them away.  Its kind of funny when I forget and start to walk away.  She quickly runs and gets close to my side.  After the duck frenzy we ate a picnic lunch on the playground.  The air was pretty chilly so we got cold while we ate.  After lunch the kids played for a short bit.  By then we were all cold and ready to get back in the warm car.  It must have been a great day because they both feel asleep on the fifteen minute ride home.

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