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First Long Hollow Camp

June 23, 2014

Max left this morning for his first overnight camp.  He went with our church and will be gone until Wednesday.  It is only 2 nights, but that's a LONG time for this Mommy.  I am confident he will have a blast.  I am also a little more relaxed because my BFF Amanda is there as a girls' counselor.  She will let me know if anything comes up.  He was so brave this morning as I kissed him good bye.  He never wavered with that beautiful smile.  I pray that God will continue molding and shaping his little heart.  He is growing leaps and bounds right now and I am thrilled to know that God is at the center of it.  I hope he meets lots of new friends with similar foundations.   He can connect and grow with them in the church for many years to come.  This is only the beginning.

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