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Day at the Falls

August 7, 2014

Amanda and I set off on an adventure today.  We took all the kids except Micah (she's only 2) to a waterfall that is within driving distance.  We left early and stopped for breakfast and then headed down the 2 lane road to the falls.  Once there we suited everyone up with backpacks of snacks, water, and towels,  Then we began the trek down the hill to the creek.  Once at the creek we hiked for the best part of an hour up to the falls.  The kids were amazed at all the fish, rocks, pools, and streams that made up the creek.  I am sure the look on all our face when we saw the falls was priceless.  They are gorgeous and a huge playground for all ages.  We spent the remainder of the day with them swimming, climbing, and jumping.  I am so glad we had the courage to take this day trip by ourselves.  I think our kids were just as impressed with us as we were with ourselves.  It is always great to get some Mommy Cool Points every now and then.

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