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Tacky Sweater Party

December 20, 2008

Tonight we are heading to a " Tacky Christmas Sweater Party", hence the wonderful outfits we have on is these pictures. A little history to the sweaters:
Jessica: Jay borrowed the winner of the Servpro "Tackiest Sweater" contest for me to wear. It is a lovely white shirt adorned with metallic blue garland, plastic light bulbs, bells hanging from the waistband, and multi large red bows. I found a pair of bright red tights with glitter snowflakes on them to go with the shirt

Max: The reindeer sweatshirt that Max is sporting is circa about 1989. It was handmade (along with 2 matching others) by the creative Bebe for all three Parsons children to wear the the Donnelley Christmas Party. According to Santa pictures from that party, the reindeer with the red bow tie which Max is wearing was Uncle P's. Don't worry Uncle Jon and Uncle P we will take special care of it so that your kidos can enjoy it too!

Jay: This beauty of a shirt was also handmade by Bebe for Big Daddy to wear to the Donnelley Christmas Parties back in the day. Can you see Big Daddy in this tiny shirt? Well, we have pictures to prove that too! The wiggly eyes on Jay's shirt are so "antique" that they are now yellow. Thanks for keeping everything Bebe!


jonerikagrant said...

loved your xmas letter! and love having the link to your blog. ours is and your xmas card is on the way. hope your party was great fun!

Gindy said...

I want to see the pics of Big Daddy from back in the day!

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