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Playing with Friends

June 15, 2009

Jay has been traveling quite a bit lately so this weekend we relaxed and played! Max enjoyed playing with culdesac buddies in his pool on the deck. Quickly the pool turned into a mud bath when they decided to pour water down the slide. Then they slid down into the mud puddle and rinsed off in the pool each time before they went down again. It was great fun to watch. The yard didn't appreciate it, but I guess it was worth the laughter.On Saturday night Carter and Emerson spent the night with us. Amanda and Clay were still out of the country, so we tried to help them out with a sleep over at our house. Whew! Three kidos will wear you out. They played inside, outside, in the pool, in the bonus room, in the culdesac, down 'Cherry Hill Lane', and everywhere in between. Sunday afternoon was spent relaxing at the Kelley's by the pool. Max and cuz Tristan jumped and swam all evening. It was nice to be lazy for a few hours before we had to hit the ground Monday with another trip week for Jay.

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