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It a GIRL!

July 17, 2009

My mom ultrasounded us today and is convinced that Baby #2 is a GIRL! We are very excited, but still numb to the thought. We are 12 weeks this weekend and Mom feels confident with her assessment and verdict of GIRL. We could tell at 10 wks that Max was a boy. The parts were visible, and here at 12 weeks we can't find any parts that would indicate a boy. It is no secret that we really wanted a girl with our first pregnancy. We were shocked when we found out he was a boy, but I would never ever trade him and his snuggles now. I am positive I will never have a girl that loves on me like my Max does. When we started over a year and a half ago working on baby #2 we read all the literature on "making a girl". I know beyond a doubt that you will only get what God plans for you, but I couldn't help trying for a girl. After months and months of negative pregnancy tests we gave up on the girl methods. We just wanted another baby and had gotten over wanting a girl. We knew God would give us what he planned and that it would be perfect. So, now that we are here and it appears to be a girl, we are ecstatic. We would be thrilled with a boy too, though, now that we know boys, but it looks like pink!! YEA! Above is a picture of the side of her foot.
Here are the famous 'girl parts' or lack of parts!
This last one is a picture of her looking at us. The top sphere is her head. You can see the prominent brow bones, dark circles of eyes, and oval mouth. The lower sphere is her chest/belly. You can see a hint of her arms then they go out of view and her legs aren't in the picture. Isn't she beautiful? All 2 inches of her!

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