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February 17, 2010
Mommy finally caught my smile with the camera!
Just checking everything out . . . and becoming alert to the world.
I found this scene when I got out of the shower today. It was naptime, and I had left her here on the chair and Max was in his bed. I guess he was too far from her and had to be closer. They slept like this the remainder of the afternoon. Max and his little Sweetheart!
This was her first bath in the tub with Max on Sunday. She didn't care for it too much, but Max enjoyed helping rinse her while Jay washed her. Then they both got lotion massages from Jay and they loved those!
Kix and his little sister. We have the exact same picture with Max and Kix. For those of you who know Kix and his size, this shows how tiny she truly is.
This is a shot to show off all her hair. She has tons on the back of her head!


Amanda C. said...

thanks for posting pictures. i love them all. she has a ton of hair in the is awesome. she is beautiful. love you all.

Mom of Jack said...

too cute! I love the one with max all scrunched up in the chair with her. So sweet!

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