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Rolling Over & Sitting Up

Mary Kate has finally decided to roll over.  We thought she would never do it!  I know you aren't suppose to compare your children . . they are all different . . . blah blah blah, but Max rolled over at 3.5 months and Mary Kate was going on six months.  So on July 13th at 5.5 months she started moving and rolling. It takes her a little bit in the video, so cheer her on and she won't disappoint you!

Back tracking a little bit, she started sitting up while we were in Myrtle Beach.  If you saw any of the beach pictures you can she her little tripod pose as she leaned over in the sand.  So we marked it down as July 8th at 5.5 months as her sit up moment.  Now she sits up freely and plays, giggles, motorboats, and sings "aaa yaaa yaaa".  She is even now started to push herself backwards once she falls over on her belly.  She has scooted all the way across the Kelley's living room in this backwards fashion.  Awww, growing so fast.

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