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September 2010

Gee Wizz, September is already gone and really October is half way there too.  As you know I am behind on the blog, but that is okay because we have had some great couple of weeks.  It had been beautiful weather here and I have been enjoying it instead of being on the computer.  It's raining today and Max is at school, so I am going to try to capture some of the highlights real quick from September. 
 As you can see from the picture Mary Kate has discovered the steps and conquered them.  She goes up with ease and Jay is teaching her the come down part.  She is so funny when she gets to the top because she just sits and laughs.  Its seems she is really proud of herself.  She has also learned to clap for everyone.  We spend most of our day saying "yay" and clapping.  Max loves it and is constantly encouraging her to do new things. . . .more of those in October's update.  She is still struggling with baby food.  She only eats it without a fuss about 25% of the time.  I am pondering about abandoning it all together and starting to dice up finger foods.  She continues to nurse well and I am leaving that all up to her since she isn't doing well with foods.

 Max is playing soccer and swimming this month.  I don't have pictures of swimming because they turned out dark and grainy.  He is a real fish in the water and is learning new strokes.  Soccer started well this year with no tears, but that quickly changed.  We had a rough week the end of September where Max screamed and sobbed on the field and Jay  . . . well we all know Jay.  The fact of Jay is that he is Max's coach this year.  It was funny watching Max throw his fit and then looking over at Coach Jay pitching his own little show.  Jay was trying to convince Max and making him play through his tears.  Little did Jay think about parents watching the game that didn't know Max was his child.  I overheard a parent on the sideline tell another parent, "Oh, No, No, that is his son."  Whoops!  I guess parents were discussing his coaching technique when a player didn't want to play.  (Jay was signaling to me across the field that he was going to choke Max.)  Of course Jay was just frustrated and would never harm Max.  Ha!  After that morning Jay decided he had to change his techniques.  He had also applied that at home and everyone is now a lot happier.  Jay is less frustrated and Max's sobbing has almost stopped.  I'm not saying tempers don't rise, but they are much more controlled for Jay and Max.  It has been a wonderful new leaf in our home.  Thank you God for allowing us to have introspection and change ourselves when we know it is not working.  Thank you for second chances at parenting.  I know I always need another chance and another idea or approach.
 Mary Kate happily turned 8mo at the end of September!  I truly believe she is the easiest baby ever.  Other than not eating baby food, she just goes with the flow.  She packs along with everyone where ever and what ever we are doing.  She hardly ever fusses.  Instead she just smiles and giggles at everyone.

 The annual  TUFF Fireman Competition was held this month.  Josh and Jon both competed on the Murfreesboro team and came in second place due to a penalty.  Their team did great and had the best time, but Josh knocked over a cone which caused a 2 second penalty and dropped them to second place.  He was bummed, but it was a great day.  We had all had a rough week that week and it was great to be together as a big family.  Max loves to see his uncles in all their fire gear doing their thing.

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