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Jay's 30th Birthday

October 22, 2010
We had a great weekend the past few days as we celebrated Jay's big birthday.  We were both off work Thursday and Friday and enjoyed the extra days with the kids. Jay spent numerous hours on the couch with his green peas, but by Saturday he was moving around. Friday night we had lasagna at the Kelley's house with family and friends.  Mary Kate loved her first meal of lasagna.  It is definitely one of our favorite dishes that Grandma cooks.  I pretty sure Mary Kate said that she wanted it for her birthday also.  She dug the noodles out and ate as many as we would gave her.  She even got to clean up the left overs on Mr. Jonathan's plate.  Max was really excited about his gift for Jay.  Max had all the "Train Your Dragon" Dragons until the movie came out with the short film on the DVD.  *Smart ones, those kid toy makers, they are!*  You see the short film introduced another dragon, and like Jay, Max has to have the whole set.  So, he decided to buy Jay the last dragon for his birthday.  Now Max has the whole set.  Smart Kid!  Don't be fooled, Jay was just as excited about having the whole set as Max.  Happy 30yrs Babe!  We love you!  Like I said earlier, can you believe it was 15 yrs (or 1/2 your life) ago that you had the party at the armory? Whoa!  Long time ago and we are still dancing and laughing.  I love you, my thirty year old. I hope you had a great birthday even if it was spent with PEAS.  Thanks for taking one for them team.

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