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October 31, 2010
Halloween was a blast this year.  It literally lasted ALL WEEKEND.  We started off Friday with Max's school party.  Wow! is all I have to say.  Twelve four and five year olds, candy, food, costumes, trick or treating, and crafts.  I was ready for a nap before lunch after helping Ms. Gina for the morning.  We then met Gindy and Love Bug Kerrigan for lunch and trick or treating on the square.  The girls rode in the wagon and Max conquered all the shops for candy. 

Saturday, we started the morning with our last soccer game for the fall.  Yippee, oh, whoops, did I say that out loud.  No, just kidding.  Max played a great game and then they got their trophies for the season.  We headed home and got naps before the annual party at our house. Jay and I spent all afternoon preparing for the soups Halloween party in the cul-de-sac.  We enjoyed the night with about 65 of our family and friends and lots of kids.  The kids enjoyed a night of hide and go seek while the adults got to visit and chat by the fire pits.  We had enough food to feed a small army and I think everyone had full bellies.
Sunday, Halloween was officially here.  We our M&Ms dressed early and visited all the grand and great grandparents.  Max collected more candy that he didn't need and Mary Kate got a bag full of baby food.  Yea!  We got home just as the sun was setting and took off around the neighborhood.  I have never seen so many kids.  On the main drag of the neighborhood, you had to wait in line at the sidewalk to get to the front doors of the houses.  Unb-elieve-able!  and scary!  with so many costumed kids it was difficult to keep track of your own kids.  After loosing Max for a few seconds, we turned and went toward a less populated area of the neighborhood.  It was a great, but tiring weekend.  I love making so many FFMs in one weekend, but it really wears you out.  Jay and I were desperately ready for Monday to return back to work for rest! HAHA

Max and Tristan

Max and Kirkland

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