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Halloween Day

October 31, 2011
 Posing on the rock in Bebe and Big Daddy's front yard.
 Super muscles with Aunt Holly and Unk P
 Our little ducky . . . or as she would say "uck"
 Max's class trick or treated with the other classrooms at school.  Avery Conger is a cutie Pocahontaus.
 Bebe and our "uck"

Max's classmates:  Hannah Dyer, Hayden Holleman, Mario, and Max

 Trick or Treating on the square we ran into lots of familiar faces.  Bella Stringer was very interested in the candy as she slept in her stoller.
 Sawyer Cooper was a pretty princess.
 Max and Brayden Stringer

Kerrigan Woodward and Mary Kate were excited to see each other.  Mary Kate was very interested in checking out her candy bag.

 After the trick or treating on the square we ate lunch with Daddy, Grandma and Pawpaw.  Then we went back to Max's class for his party. 
 Ms Teresa had a plate set out for Mary Kate to join the party.  She was so excited to be a big girl!

After Max's party we can home and crashed for naps until Daddy got home.  Then we got dressed up again and headed out to the neighborhood.  We love trick or treating  with our friends.  Jon Webb, Spencer Miller, Mary Kate, Quinton Miller, Max Kelley, and Miss Kirkland Miller
 Best Buds:  Kirkland and Max
 Baby had to go with Mary Kate in the wagon.  She even shared her Nerds with Baby.

 What a LONG but FABULOUS day!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me be a part of these memories! Love u, Bebe

Music Maker 101 said...

nice costumes

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