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Memorial Day BBQ

May 26, 2012
Mom and Dad had their annual Memorial Day BBQ again this year.  This is one of my family's favorite weekends of the year.  We get to spend numerous uninterrupted  days with our family.  The weather was perfect and we were delighted to see many family and friends.  Dad's chicken was great and we had all sorts of side dishes and desserts.  The new zip line across the backyard was a hit with all the kids and several adults.  I don't think the zip line stopped moving at any point during the day. 

Josie, Papa Joe, and Todd

Holly and Josh

The line of hungry family

Big Daddys' new Gator ride on with Jack, Reid, Logan, and Braxton

Jim and Dad putting on the shoulders

Aunt Joanne's Family

Cheri and Lee and their Boys

More food

Bid Daddy's Zip Line

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